雨滴: Urgent Call

Warning: Starts off NSFW 18+ then rating goes back to normal, just letting you know all in advanced 😛

Two pillows hurtled across the bedroom crashing into the dark wooden drawers and almost toppling over the vase filled with pretty carnations, a delighted cry followed by heavy kissing mixed in with the sound of blankets falling to the ground. It had been three days since Ame and Aleksander had met CIA agent Julian Huntington at Prague castle as well as accept his proposal. Returning home, they stayed indoors pondering and formulating a plan on how to retrieve the plates as well as when to inform Ame’s older sister Meiakane that the American government needed her help too.

When their plans reached no real fruition, and was replaced by frustration the lovers took it out on each other in their usual way- rough sex.

This was their third round for the day after another failed plan and both were getting more violent with each other and it only aroused them further. Already Aleksander’s back bore previous nail marks, his shoulders and chest hickeys and smudged lipstick. His face covered in erratic lip marks and his bottom lip had a small cut from being bitten hard, his flaming red hair looking like a bird nest from being pulled repetitively. Ame’s appearance was no better her breasts covered in bites and bruises, her backside showing red hand marks and fingernail imprints, her inner thighs, neck and shoulders covered in hickeys and more nail prints on her hips and calves.

“Who’s a bad slut, who is?!” Aleksander growled against Ame’s lips, his hands smacking her ass cheeks again, squeezing around her body and keeping her locked against his chest. Restrained tightly against his body, Ame wrapped her legs around Aleksander’s waist pushing her feet into her backside encouraging him to go faster inside her “I…I…I am!!” she cried out, their bodies bucking violently on the large bed. Aleksander pushed Ame onto her knees and entered her from behind, hunching over her body, the frame of the bed threatening to buckle under the pressure of being used too often in a single day.

Holding him tight over her, Ame grinded herself back against Aleksander’s groin, he groaned out in her ear and shoved three of his fingers into her mouth. Ame pursed her lips and sucked savagely, the loud slapping of his thighs hitting her backside echoing in the Tower suite. It was quite fortunate that in between their screams and dirty shouting that they even heard Ame’s laptop downstairs turn on from its hibernation and the Skype screen popped open with an incoming call.

Ame screamed with ecstasy as she felt Aleksander pulled at her hair, pounding her womanhood raw, she then heard the familiar ringing noise “Anata…anata…Alek!” she grabbed his waist making the Russian pause in his thrusts “Is that my…” Ame trailed off as Aleksander listened too “Someone is calling you Tsvesti” realisation clearing out his lust driven mind. He quickly pulled out of Ame who rolled off the bed grabbing the closest item of clothing off the railing and almost tripped running down the wooden stairs.

Wearing Aleksander’s business shirt, Ame hastily buttoned three buttons and sat down in her chair, wincing feeling her bruised and beaten backside “Damn it Alek…” she hissed softly running a hand through her messy hair and checking to see who was calling her. “Nee-chan?” Ame blinked surprised seeing Meiakane’s profile picture in the centre of the screen. No longer caring if she was decent or not for her older sister, Ame answered the call. Why on Earth was Mei calling her at 3am, Tokyo time.

A wide awake Meiakane still dressed in corporate suit appeared in the screen, she was in their family home, inside their father’s study to be precise with all the lights on behind her. What concerned Ame was that she had blood stains on her expensive attire and looked incredibly worried “Ame I know I probably interrupted your bedroom time but this is very important” Mei seemed to know already what Ame had been doing prior to her answering the call and it made Ame slightly blush and lower her eyes. “Mei-Mei what is it? Why are you home? Where is Otou-san?” Ame raised her head, her voice urgent and now getting higher in pitch.

Meiakane lowered her eyes, it was the first time Ame had seen that look cross her older sister’s features. Fear. “He’s…he’s in hospital” Ame froze in her chair staring wordlessly at the screen that held her sister’s image “Ame…Ame! He was attacked just after he had gone to bed, Yumi paged me and I came here as soon as I could. I was worried I was too late but he is in critical condition. Minata has taken him to JHA and my clan are scouring our household for evidence of the attacker. I need you here, you must come home!” Ame snapped back to reality hearing Mei shout, nodding numbly she promised to return to Japan as soon as possible though her voice was shaking uncontrollably.

Ame was still staring at her laptop screen even after Mei had ended their quick call. Her father was in hospital? Her daddy was in a critical state? Someone tried to kill her remaining parent?! Ame’s hands clenched into fists as she let out a pained scream and shoved everything off her desk in anger. She slipped off her chair and balled up on the carpet, howling loudly as her fists connected with the wooden floor hard. Ame did not hear the concerned shouts of Aleksander, she did not feel herself being lifted off the floor or pulled into the warm lap of her Russian, her mind was blurred as she cried loudly.


雨滴: Alcove Heat

Warning: The continuation of Aleksander and Ame’s meeting at the Deathclub is 18+ NSFW for this chapter so read with caution

The heavy metal beats inside the Death Club transformed to highly charged electronica making more patrons jump onto the dance floor. Inside their hidden alcove, Ame allowed Aleksander to pull off her dress leaving just her G-string on but paid more attention to her exposed breasts nibbling and sucking on each nipple tenderly, she arched her back and cried out as their lips met again, Aleksander pulling her legs around his waist and grinding himself hard between her thighs. Ame moaned out loudly, the heat gathering in her folds grabbing onto his shoulders rubbing herself up and down his covered length.

Their bodies gyrated and bumped in sync with the fast beat, only their pants and lacy lingerie keeping them from truly being one. Aleksander growled, feeling Ame’s red lips tug and suck on his own earlobe, her fingernails trailing down his pale bare back. She felt him grab her hands and gesture at his pants and she hungrily tugged them down. At last! Her flimsy thong was ripped and discarded to the carpet, their lips connected. Wet, open kisses as Ame sought for his shaft, reaching down and finding him hard and ready.

Skipping the foreplay, she pressed Aleksander’s tip onto her opening, they stared at each other still tonguing and both grinned madly as they both watched him thrust in slowly then withdrawing, repeating this teasing movement feeling Ame get more wet. She shuddered and quaked underneath him, pulling him closer on top of her, biting on his bottom lip “Fuck me damn it…” she hissed, Aleksander smirked and thrusted deeper, his entire length sheathed inside her womanhood. Ame’s legs flew up as she cried out, the feeling of being one with someone overcoming her senses, she quickly curled her legs around Aleksander’s waist panting as she stared into his eyes watching him rock his hips back and forth slowly then faster with the rhythm of the music.

Both moaned, panted and cried out with each deep pounding, Alek’s lips now sucking on Ame’s nipples yet again as he grabbed onto her hips, lifting her lower body off the lounge and pushed himself harder into her body, her ass slapping on his thighs as she squeezed her legs on either side of his waist, her hands gripping onto his hair. Lifting his face up to kiss her mouth once again, Aleksander pulled Ame up until she was straddling his lap, she happily took control cupping his face and bounced faster, both his hands kneading and grabbing her ass making her ride his length faster, his groans echoing in her ear as she hunched over his face and held him close.

Ame screamed out repeatedly as she felt Aleksander arch his knees and thrust up into her. They stared at each other, panting loudly and with need, both clutching at each other, Aleksander smacking Ame’s bottom spurring her on. She rolled her hips back and forth noticing his hazel eyes look down and stare at him disappearing in and out of her body, his shaft coated with her juice “Naughty tsvesti, give me more” Aleksander gasped out breathlessly.

Giggling as she screamed and panted out, Ame jiggled her backside in his lap, making more growls erupt from the Russian, she smiled and kissed his exposed throat. Bending his knees, Aleksander gripped her hips hard, his fingers leaving light imprints on her flesh. Bouncing helplessly in his arms, Ame threw her head back and wailed out in pleasure feeling Aleksander’s lips kiss her collarbone and neck again, she begged for more as her entire body shook.

Aleksander smirked again biting her neck tenderly “You want to– climax…don’t you…Tsvesti…you haven’t…been…fucked like this…in a while” he panted into her skin and sucked on her flesh, Ame shook in his arms and felt herself release all over his shaft, it covered the lounge. Shaking from her climax, Ame stood up and facing away from him, she watched his length disappear back into her, leaning back against his chest she pressed her palms into the lounge and bounced yet again, at this angle Aleksander pushed himself faster into her, his hands gripping her thighs and holding them apart. Ame’s eyes widened and she screamed~

They had been the show for many who walked past the sheer curtains and stopped to stare, but they did not know how long they had stayed in that small alcove losing themselves to each other’s bodies. Soon Aleksander noticed the thinning crowd beyond the red drapes, he growled out as he released his final drops into Ame’s mouth watching her clean him expertly on her knees. “Tsvesti…I… we…The Death Club is closing” with her womanhood and breasts coated in his seed and now her mouth holding the remains Ame sunk to her backside now completely spent.

Resting her porcelain face on his thighs, Ame nuzzled in tiredly, exhausted too Aleksander let out a satisfied sigh and tenderly curled his hands in Ame’s long tresses “I don’t think the club is used for overnight even with its facilities upstairs…we need to go” Ame nodded heavily as she attempted to reach her purse that was somehow on the other side of the alcove. Grabbing her hand, Aleksander kissed her fingers “I’ll call my driver” lifting her head, Ame stared up at him, her eyelids heavy “Come to my hotel…” Aleksander gave her his usual lopsided smile and nodded.

雨滴: Tryst

Featuring another poem for the chronicles, I have a lot of internet help when it comes to rhyming just letting you all know…

She was home, but she had to leave
Her patron had one more thing up his sleeve
While she was in the bathroom
He crept up behind her to inhale her perfume
The glint in his eyes said it all
As she was pushed against the tile wall
“I missed you, give into my chase”
It was random for her and in an odd place

But for her patron she willingly submitted
Their lips clashed and her skirt was lifted
Non stop cries and pleads for more
They found themselves upon the floor
Giving into their animalistic desire
And she was such a beautiful crier
He relentlessly thrusted and she let out a purr
Her head tilted back as she moaned “More please sir!”

And this is what we call a quickie
Passionate, rough and very sticky