Fashion Tile: Monster Mash

Aren’t my two lions so adorable? I will forever be a Disney Princess with my ever increasing collection of plushies or pixel pets in-world 😛 Giving you more pink fluff in this darkness

* *Epic* Monster Mouth Body Suit {Hot Pink} *NEW* from Main store
* TRUTH HAIR Velma *NEW* from Vintage Fair
* :DEADPOOL: ATUDE *NEW* from Rock Attitude Fair 3

* [CX] Heavy Duty Collar *NEW* from Main store
* Tanoshi’s Syringe Garter *NEW* from Main store
*Epic*  Celestial Butterfly Faery-Nom! {Rose} *NEW* from Main store
* SinfulSky – Moonlight Earring *NEW* from Gami Gacha


Fashion Tile: Sugarplum Pets

have foxes, rabbits and those noisy kittens again in this new LOTD, wearing my trademark colour and rugged up for the northern winter, enjoy ❤

* *Epic* Bright Bomber Bodysuit {Hot Pink} from Main store
* .tsg. Ribbon Glove – Hot Pink *NEW* from The Arcade
* [-S-] Pin Skirt S – Skelly Grey from Suicide Dollz
* little bones. Pixie *NEW* from FaMESHed

* ALTAIR* crystal kitten headband *NEW* from Winter Trend
* Ninety– Rainy Bag Pink Mesh from The Season Story
* Pink Acid Plastic Spoon For Mouth – Pink from IDK
* PUNCH / Butterfly Kiss / Spikes *NEW* from Suicide Dollz

Fashion Tile: Waffles in Winter

My fashion tiles are back! Took me a while with the random picture and struggling to post something new from the latest events that have opened this month- but I got it! 😀

* *Epic* .T.C. Ice Cream Ski Vest & Hoodie! from Frost 2015
* {C.C.M.} Dementia Doll – Stockings from Main store
* VCO ~ Tina’s Face stickers *RARE* Part.1+2 *NEW* from The Arcade
* TRUTH HAIR Neema *NEW* from Main store
* .tsg. Oxford Boots – Hot Pink *NEW* from Tannenbaum


Onigiri filled with salmon and umeboshi!
Ore Monogatari, Episode 7

* [CX] Feline Septum (Silver) from Uber
* {BunBun} Silver Snowflake Earrings *NEW* from Hello Beautiful
* .tsg. Beary Ear Muffs – Cream *NEW* from The Arcade
* :::LP::: Luna_Bag – Black *NEW* from FaMESHed
* Ninety – Travel Suitcase *NEW* from SaNaRae

Fashion Tile: Tokyo Girl

Cutely dubbed by my dear friend Jade-chan when she first saw the LOTDI have released a colourful and Shinjuku inspired fashion tile synced to all the latest events opening.

* *Epic* Sheer Skeleton Bodysuit! {Strawberry} [S] *NEW* from Project Limited
* .PANIK. Kerli Undies – Black ( Pants ) from Main store
* [Buzz] Bewitched Eyes – Chocolate {S} from :: Kustom9 ::
* [RA] Kerli Hair braid buns and Oni Hair from Mystic Faire 2014
* Blah. (My Thorn Heart Stiletto) Pink *NEW* from Project Limited
* .Birdy. – Melancholy Familiar RARE from Secret Affair

* *BOOM* Warmy Panda Breather Mask (pink) *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* *Epic* Kawaii Kassette Backpack! {Stars.Hot.Pink} RS *NEW* from OMGacha
* *N* Camellia_TSUBAKI Pierces SILVER *NEW* from Project Limited
* Aii + Amethyst Violet Chopsticks + from Main store
* -Buttery Toast- Little Lucy – Pink – Common *NEW* from OMGacha
* .tsg. Keitai Flip Phone Beary san Pink from The Arcade
* Nana – Corby Pink Grenade Garter from Suicide Dollz
* Stockholm&Lima: XXXMas Light Wrist Cuff (Left) from Main store