Diary: Relaxed and Content

After last weekend’s non stop action, this week has been fairly slow, the past week was all PM shifts and training the new GSA, she been nailing the checklist so I had confidence that she would be fine to work on her own when I went on my days off. Weekend was exciting and did a lot of socialising with my friendship group from high school.

Now I’m halfway through my AM shifts in this new week and so far it’s been quiet because of this Easter long weekend, I don’t mind it has been nice to catch up on projects that had to be put on hold because of my teaching or busy days where we are 100% and full of corporate guests.

My five likes for this week;

  • Mei’s 30th birthday dinner, got to catch up with the high school girlies
  • Fate of the Furious (F8) was friggin awesome especially in gold class
  • Shadowhunters is renewed for Season 3…according to SpoilerTV
  • Bucket of M&M speckled eggs from my younger sister for Easter
  • Quiet weekend at work, everyone still on holidays!

– Lu


LL Note: Bunnies and Resurrection

** It’s chocolate egg time **

It is Thursday or in the Catholic calendar- the last Supper between Christ and his disciples for everyone else it is also leading up to the long Easter weekend, tomorrow is Good Friday where all the shops are closed and families are at home preparing for Easter. Unfortunately my mum is not with us for the weekend, she is overseas for work but I managed to get the weekend off so I’m going to arrange something for Mei, her birthday is tomorrow 😀

This note is for all my followers, visitors and friends to have a very safe and enjoyable long Easter weekend with your loved ones and try not to overdose on the chocolate 😛

– Lu