GifSpam! The Incredibles

I will be one of the old people barging through the lines of kids to watch the sequel when it comes out next year, I’ve been waiting much longer before any of them were born!


GifSpam! Pirate Shipping

From Descendants 2: I know Harry kissed Gil at the end of the movie and Uma became a half human/octopus like her mother Ursula, but c’mon! Look at them during the course of the movie. You can’t deny that chemistry, that tension 😛

GifSpam! The Beast

I watched Beauty and the Beast last night with a group of work girlfriends at this event in our local cinema called Chicks at the Flicks, never been to one before and enjoyed the experience as much as I adored the movie! Dan Stevens won me over as the Beastly prince ❤

Tumblr is hooked on the growl he does when in Prince form, I admit I am besotted too 😛

PicSpam! Mal Aesthetic

I absolutely adore sharing aesthetics that I like on tumblr on here as you are all aware and I found one for the character Mal from the Disney movie: Descendants, I’m excited and worried about the upcoming sequel, I don’t like what they did with Mal’s hair. She looks so much better with it short!

Made by Yurika1825

GifSpam! Ella’s Dress

Cinderella’s to be exact in the 2015 live action version of her drop dead gorgeous ball gown!
Nine versions of the Cinderella gown were designed, each with more than 270 yards of fabric and 10,000 crystals. It took 18 tailors and 500 hours to make each dress.

GifSpam! Scientific Fairy Research

Ɯαтcнєɗ тнιѕ мσνιє Ɩαѕт ηιgнт, συт σf αƖƖ ѕιx тнιѕ σηє ιѕ ρєянαρѕ му fανσυяιтє мαувє вєcαυѕє Ƭιηк ιηνєηтѕ ѕσ мυcн αηɗ gσєѕ ση αη αɗνєηтυяє тнαтѕ ρяσвαвƖу ωну

GifSpam! Courage and Kindness

Sσ I נυѕт ƒιηιѕнє∂ ωαтcнιηg Cιη∂єяєℓℓα (2015 νєяѕιση) αη∂ ιт мα∂є мє яєαℓιѕє σтнєя тнαη тнє ∂єcα∂єηт ωαя∂яσвє σƒ єνєяу cнαяαcтєя тнαт тнιѕ ωσяℓ∂ ηєє∂ѕ мσяє cσυяαgє αη∂ кιη∂ηєѕѕ мєℓ∂є∂ тσgєтнєя…ιη ραятιcυℓαя тнє σηℓιηє ωσяℓ∂

Diary: Maleficently Amaze

Just got home tonight from an amazing afternoon/evening out with my rl bestie, we had made sure that on one of my days off this week that we definitely got to go see Maleficent after watching Days of Future last weekend. I was a bit cautious in watching this movie because all I read was that the story was bland, visuals were not so great and the only people who made it amazing was Angelina Jolie and Elle Fanning.

However I was blown away from the stunning effects and overall plot, they did a twist on the usual Disney tale of Sleeping Beauty and I thought it was executed perfectly. It is a story that needs to be watched and now I understand why they managed to rake up 70 million in the opening weekend in the box office. Angelina’s performance as the ‘Mistress of All evil’ was amaze and it also explained why she became so evil so to speak.

I recommend fans of the original Sleeping Beauty to watch this, Disney fans and movie goers alike to watch it. They do the famous Cursing of Princess Aurora scene with a new fresh look (I like the change more to be honest) and yes the film is dark.

– Lu