Second Life: Comforts of Home

Three years I have called this cottage home on Second Life and it has been my rosy bubble away from all the wastelands and craziness that ensures from other residents in the virtual universe.

My dining table is always changing, depending on what is released by my favourite creators for events, this picture is this month recent as it was taken featuring the cutesy food made by Tentacio. It was released at 6republic earlier this month, its theme was Canada vs Japan. The adorable ginger girl is by Black Bantam and one of the rares that were released at Kustom9 in December 2015.

I even changed the wardrobe that I had from Birdy’s Boudoir to Nomi’s Princess closet that was released for the Gacha Gardens again earlier this month. It is more prim heavy but it had more detail and its pink, of course it had to be part of my bedroom. That side of the cottage is my favourite place to be parked in if I’m not going shopping or going to that new club that was introduced to me by one of my besties Aria.

Can you believe the above photo was taken outside of my cottage using the books background by Astralia, I love to read in reality, I have a wardrobe full of books and manga plus over thirty virtual books saved on my Kindle. Reading books with a cat on my lap, makes it even better as long as it is not hot outside as we are approaching the beginning of Summer here in Australia.

Pose is by Le Poppycock which features the cat on my chest, found at the September round of The Liason Collective.

I have taken a couple of photos featuring my beloved rug in my bedroom over the past two years, I have just changed things surrounding the pouf in the middle. Usually what is on the pink rug reflects my likes and hobbies, one side is make-up and taking pictures, the other side is painting and plenty of books. I have a lot of books in my cottage now that I think about it.

My favourite piece in the above photo is the white kitten by Half-Deer listening to its own tunes on the iPhone, so cute.

Everyone knows what my blogging desk looks like by now, doesn’t matter what I have removed (or added) it will always be the same clustered, chaotic mess as before. For friends who have seen my real life desk at home, it is exactly the same.


Fashion Tile: I got Love

I made a garden on the side of my cottage on Second Life complete with tulips and even a carrot patch on the porch, it is very cute and makes my home even more cosy so had to take a pic.

* [hh] Olivia One Shoulder Ruffle Top *NEW* from Store marketplace
* `M.BIRDIE / Marcia look-skirt3 *NEW* from The Arcade
* =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Maree” Dark Browns *NEW* from Tres Chic
* [MODA] SOLSTICE WEDGES *NEW* from Tropical Summer Festival

* .tsg. Rose Pendant Collar – Black *NEW* from The Arcade
* Sweet Thing. Kittygiri Bow – Color Changing RARE from Xiasumi School Festival 2015
* Violent Seduction – Cutlery Necklace (Fork) from Kawaii Project 2015

Second Life: Home is your Castle

I have told my friends and said this to you my readers that majority of the time nowadays I am on Second Life, I am parked inside my cottage. When the clubs are made up of thirsty girls or guys with their dicks out, it is very hard to go outside the sanctuary of my pixel home unless of course it is to shop but even the kink events are used by people on the prowl.

I have been renting in this cottage for the past three years since 24th March 2014 and over the course of time, like my IMVU homes I have been removing/adding and buying more prims to give myself a very detailed and lived in home. I have a couple of favourite corners within the cottage of course- my bloggers desk is one of them, it is as cluttered as my real life one.

The kitchen is another favourite, I am a foodie, there is no denying this and the interactive kitchen set made by LAQ helps give the vibes of cooking or stealing food from the fridge. My dinner table has always had dishes sitting on top of it and it is usually of the Asian cuisine variety, 8f8, Vespertine and Poche are my usual designers that I buy from who create the detailed meals.

Since April I created a new corner for myself on the left side of my fireplace/vanity and it all started from the shelves of shoes made by YS&YS from a previous Arcade round and it branched out from there. The manga book shelves are rare items by Random.matter, absolutely love them, I have a ton of manga either in my closet shelves or on my desk in reality. The pouf my avatar is sitting on is by Stockholm & Lima who are known for their kink furniture. The neon signs on the wall are both by Random.matter too and the memo board above them is by Moss & Mink an upcoming kawaii creator.

The random stash above is on the left side of my desk and represents all the things I enjoy in my life- the ramen stash by Random.matter, the suitcases by either What next, *BOOM* or Tres Blah, the clipboards with different art boards also by Tres Blah, the I love Lucy doll by Garbaggio, the neon sign by Peaches, the cute little mail box and Good luck cat by *MishMish* and the money saving jar for long distance relationship by Cosmic Dust

IMVU: Always Decorating/Styling

It is universally acknowledged that I, Luci Lu/Lucil love toshop in whatever world I am part of, whether it be reality, IMVU or Second Life

As I am seeing less pink and the cutesy sector of SL is dying down I am finding myself reverting back to IMVU in both adding more items to my New York apartment or creating new looks. My closet on IMVU closet is far bigger than my Second Life inventory but that is because I have been on that program much longer.

The layout of IMVU is user friendly as you can see each item before you put it on, you save outfits because you enjoy it not because it is a necessity to remember everything you are wearing.
Take for example these two random outfits above, the first one taken last month in one of my old plushie-filled peach rooms, I was going for cute but at the same time being shady with both the ‘savage’ necklace and the ‘anti-fuck boys’ spray can. It was originally stemmed from an inside joke with the friendship group and became part of the outfit.

The second outfit was made two days ago when bored and online, the top was new and I was pondering what to pair it with until I found the sprinkles on the cheekbones that matched the pink and fluffy skater skirt.

However if I am not putting together outfits, then I am either wishlisting or spontaneous buying items from the IMVU catalog to be added to my New york city apartment (like this apartment needs anymore details) however I did do slight changes in the bedroom on the second floor. I changed the neon signs with lip decals and swapped the stuffies for a suggestive cushion. It got a rise out of my friendship group when I pointed it out to the girls.

I also made a second bedroom which is definitely smaller and more private than the main apartment, still sticking to my theme of being very pink and girly

IMVU: Days of Glory

The past week or two I have made a resurgence in the virtual world known as IMVU, it was the place where I spent most of my young adulthood post high school. It was where I met my best friend in the U.S, Katie as well as and a handful of great girl friends. It is also where I roleplayed with multiple characters, had relationships, made enemies but overall had fun.

Majority of my friendship group have all moved on into reality and only a small collection of us are left and log on at random times, I been having a decor mood lately and IMVU has no prim limits when it comes to decorating your individual rooms and though you have to “dot hop” to get around the rooms and they aren’t all connected, it’s still fun to work with.

Realising that the manor I had put on public back in 2014 was too dark for my tastes and my style was much more light hearted and very pink nowadays, I changed this NYC apartment that originally belonged to my artistic roleplay character Elizabeth James of East Highland High to make it my own.

A place to hang out with the girls whenever we all sync up and are logged on all at once and can play tunes, dance and have fun. So far this week it’s been myself, Katie, Elie and Mez with random appearances from my boyfriend Aum showing up as well. They all love the very detailed room but I will say this right now, some bits were a pain to work on.

My bedroom upstairs on the second floor, this room wasn’t so hard to decorate, a lot of the frames and wall art could go on each wall where I wanted them to, if they weren’t angled right they could just be turned to face the right way. My room in reality has a lot of stuff in it, it is what I call organised chaos and though I certainly do not have the paddle rack or St Andrew’s Cross I definitely got the plushies, cute lights and books/paper everywhere.

It is my favourite room to be in when logged on IMVU, but my second place where I usually go AFK is at the below picture.

One level down below the big tv and gaming station (plus three big bears) is this small corner with the cat rug 😛 I realised I did not have enough room in the bedroom upstairs to set up a blogging desk like I have in my cottage on Second Life so made something much smaller and more cosy on ground floor. Got a virtual Skitty, laptop, Godiva milkshake and M&M’s to call this cosy corner my little space when I am AFK and out in reality.

The theme of pink, black and white is a re-occuring trend though bright colours stand out more in this New York city apartment, but one of my favourite pieces that I loved adding is the fashion and beauty aspect.

The giant closet with make-up box and a Minectaft library cube for kicks as well as shelves full of shoes, bags and let’s not forget those thigh-high leather boots, that was my inner Ame Hayato coming out when I added those in. Adding in a vanity table full of make up that is at the top of the stairs plus a shelf for snapback caps and more make-up/nail polish stashed on top of the drawers.

The added Japanese fashion and anime magazines were a bonus, three mannequins and of course all the soft toys a girl could dream of! This is my comfort zone when logging on but also a place of entertainment and socialising with friends.

Fashion Tile: Sweet Escape

“We drive so far to get away” The Arcade has opened for its Spring fever and now has 3 sims where you can play their gacha machines, I am still going through resellers.

* *HolliPocket* Fantasia Sweets from SaNaRae (02/17)
* imbue. floral embroidery skirt – dark from N.21 (01/17)
* Magika – Fever *NEW* from Store marketplace
* { Speakeasy } Sugar Rush *NEW* from Mad Pea Food Fair

* (Yummy) Secondhand Necklace – Gold *NEW* from N.21
* Garbaggio // Lovable Housewife *NEW* from The Arcade
* Vinyl  – Neo Meddy Mask *NEW* from ~uber~
* Violent Seduction – Clausa Harness (Black) from The Epiphany

Fashion Tile: Over the Fantasy

So much fishes! Another LOTD going raw edits and taken not in my usual garden but in my bedroom inside the cottage 😀

* JF Design – Kathy Top – Fuchsia *NEW* from anyBody
* .:: Dead Dollz ::. Cordelia Skirt – Black from FaMESHed
* =DeLa*= Mesh Hair “Cheri” Dark Browns *NEW* from ~TRES CHIC~
* Garbaggio // Flower Peeptoe – Wine from The Season’s Story

dianekeatonfan: “““We will never forget you, Dory.” ”

* ALTAIR* reimi collar .black & gold. *NEW* from 11:11
* Caboodle – All bubbles *NEW* from 11:11
* Caboodle – Goldfish Bubble Wand *NEW* from 11:11
* Toast: Wrist Cuffs *NEW* from .Suicide DollZ.

Second Life: Summer Decor

June 1st brings in not just the FaMESHed but also the summer round of The Arcade and this time it feels quite special for me. Before the gacha event opened its doors to the public it had set up a new optional donation certificate on the marketplace.
Titled Friends of the Arcade it gave shoppers and bloggers alike to buy a certificate from the Second Life catalog which is also a donation and saying thanks for all the support to the people who attend.

Everyone who is close to me or anyone who has been following this new Luci Logs for the past three years know how much of an avid Arcade fan I am, I would happily spend the lindens at the main event and try and get in on every opening day of every seasonal round. I got myself certificate and therefore a couple days prior to opening got my own custom certificate with my in-world name printed on it. It now sits proudly on my wall in my blogging corner 😀

I did not get in on the opening day of this month even though I was already wearing my HUD, 15mins before opening time and had it spamming the sim. Though I was not sad or chucked a hissy fit on Second Life facebook like others did I went to the yard sale run by SeraphimSL blog as well as searching on marketplace. Only took me two days to clear out my wishlist from the event 😀

A lot of old gacha items around my cottage has been retired and removed to make room for the latest items from this new round of Arcade, dotted around my bedroom with the new clothing shelves made by Le Primitif or the clipboards and pampered decor by Tres Blah, its out with the old and in the new. I even changed my hot chocolate maker by What next to the rare coffee machine again made by Tres Blah. Kitchen and dining looking tidy and yet it’s connected to me as a person and what I like.

Also who said a girl can’t have too much make-up? This eyeshadow palette and the lipstick stand are both made by Little Bones who is known for her hair, but for the Arcade she made exquisite make-up! 😀 Had to remove some things from my trunk to add these beauty products.

Diary: 3 Day Break

I been given three days off this week which gives me extra time to try and get rid of this bloody cold once and for all. It also gives me time and energy to stay ahead for my work group’s Fitbit challenge that finishes tomorrow night. Today was all about the exercise I did a 5.7km walk around my suburb and despite being sick I managed to do it with no problem 😀 Yesterday it was about cleaning and re-decorating my bedroom.

I got myself new flannel sheets to keep warm this winter as well as pom pom garlands that are strung across the head of my bed and a new light for my bedside table, it is a pink heart with mini lights run by battery. Also vaccuumed and dusted so quite happy in how my room looks at present and hopefully got rid of any lingering virus germs that are sitting around.

Tomorrow night I will be going out for an 8pm dinner with all my high school girls, organised by my bestie Mei I just hope that it doesn’t go too late as I have 4 days of AM shift to return to at work >.<

– Lu

Second Life: Arcade add-ons

This new round of The Arcade has given me more decor to add to my cottage in Savoy, though I didn’t go as crazy as I did back in December, I still got a couple of things.

Near the main entrance of my cottage I have both the cat vase by Tres Blah sitting near the lantern and mailbox plus Dust Bunny’s bike as my second mode of transportation.

On the side of my house out near the pond with my two fishies, I have a family of unicorns made by Half-Deer, they are part of the Unicorn story collection at Arcade

The hammie eating the strawberry is made by both O.M.E.N and Dust Bunny and the copper pots and pans hanging in the air plus the white shelf with dishes are by Vespertine under the Spring Kitchenette collection.

The sleeping kitty on the oranges is by O.M.E.N for his Mischievous kittens set and the fresh bearbread again from Vespertine’s collection.

Second Life: Fall Arcade

The craziness has started since yesterday with the opening of The Arcade with its Autumn edition, I have decided to not bother with it this year and have gone to the yard sales instead.

There is a fabulous one called Gachaopolis that is constantly re-stocked from the newest round and the lag isn’t too bad despite having so many other resellers/shoppers.

I managed to clean out majority of my wishlist except for the rings by Nylon Outfitters, I still need to get my ginger cat ring to represent Skitty of course.

The owner of Savoy, Hayden has kindly increased my prim limit so my kitchen area has gotten more detailed including all the fab items by Sari-Sari such as the fridge magnets and silver knife work next Zaara‘s golden ladles. I have an Arcade related fashion tile coming soon so stay tuned readers~

Second Life: Decor from The Arcade

Ok I editted my previous fashion tile to put all my furniture/decor from The Arcade into one single post- prepare for picture spam.

The Summer pudding on the far right is by O.M.E.N and the Ozoni soup in the middle is by Soul Mates from The Multicultural Menu, another event that also opened up on the 1st of June.

Nibbler (ginger kitty) is by O.M.E.N, rose stem and scrambled eggs brekkie tray by Erratic, so is my nightie its the rare lingerie in the gacha and the Princess slumber mask is by Olive.

The cook book on top of the microwave is by Vespertine, been wanting this a lot for personal reasons- as readers know I have been cooking a lot in reality and immensely enjoying it.

The jewellery box and the four journals are by David Heather, his vintage collection in Arcade.

Fashion Tile: Morning Rose

The Arcade started its Summer round yesterday and I managed to get in today! However I did manage to get some goodies from all the yardsales, enough to make a new Lotd 😀

* -Pixicat- Temptation.Corset – Pink nr.1 (s) *NEW* from The Arcade
* . AUTOPSY . Mon Leggins Black 2 from Big Show
* .tsg. Hime Peeptoe Hot Pink from Main store
* TRUTH HAIR Neria from Main store
* Nomore x Miwa. book 5 (pose) *NEW* from The Arcade

* .iR. Zodiac Bindi Aquarius Onyx from The Showroom
* { V I N C U E } Cheffy+Toque ~ Head *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* ALTAIR* bunny magic! necklace .white. *NEW* from Ai Gacha
* [Cloud] Susu Fairy Dandelion *NEW* from Ai Gacha
* [Co57] Kylie Vintage BkPk Bubblegum S (shoulder) from :: Kustom9 :: July 2014

 photo decorsign_zps20434942.png
* Erratic/ lsm – breakfast – scrambled eggs *NEW* from The Arcade
* Erratic/ lsm – clothing clutter – woman *NEW* from The Arcade
* -tb- Jolie – Eye Makeup 1 *NEW* from The Arcade
-tb- Jolie – Nail Polishes 1 *NEW* from The Arcade
* +Half-Deer+  Catface Rug from Main store
* +Half-Deer+ Cat Clutter – Toys Toys Toys – Pink from  Chapter 4
* +Half-Deer+  Cat Clutter II – Cat Bed (Pink) from Chapter 4
* Birdy – Little Chi – Wardrobe from Chapter 4

Second Life: Home is Where my Heart is

I have yet another “Home” post for you all to read, looking back at when I first started to rent it and was sharing it with someone to how heavily decorated it is today is simply amazing.

This collage is the most recent update of my house, still living in Savoy sim but granted even more prims to play with to get high details in every room and outside 😀 I get to keep that cute lil garden I made for the fashion tile.

My blogger’s desk, more tiny knick knacks added but something that is just another side of my personality 😀

Make-up vanity on top of the fireplace in my bedroom, a lot more cosmetics are added as well as accessories/jewellery for a highly feminine look. If I had more room in my real life bedroom I would do this 😛