PicSpam! The Robins

I have no idea why but I been obssessed with the Bat boys of DC lately, whether through aesthetics and mood boards on Tumblr or amazing fanart found on Pinterest, they freakin adorable and someone needs to make a tv series of the four stat!

None of the below are mine, found on Pinterest and sharing the talent! 😀
Robins play XBox One. Red Hood, Robin, Nightwing, & Red Robin.
all the dc robins - Google Search I love them so much.
Happy Father day to Bruce and Alfred. This is just so sweet.
everything that makes fun of the batman comics and movies in a fun geeky way


PicSpam! The Watchmen

I didn’t watch this Zack Snyder film when it came out in the cinemas and decided to two nights ago on Netflix. In true Snyder fashion it was bloody, it was action packed with a lot of slow-mo but told an epic story of these superheroes on an alternate Earth.

It is also another series from DC comics.
thesia: ““ who watches the watchmen? ” ”

GifSpam! Unite the League

I still liked the original tagline they used last year ‘Unite the seven’ because we the fans knew or hoped that the seventh member of the Justice League is the Green Lantern. But the second trailer released at SDCC this year has got everyone on the hype train.