GifSpam! Frary

After Reign was cancelled and ended I think last week with its finale and all of us fans got to see our favourite couple reunited, it had me going on a tumblr searching spree as well as re-watching Season 1.

They are forever now ❤ Long may they reign


PicSpam! OUAT Ships

I love Emma and Hook together, Snow and Charming and my number one ship Regina and Robin Hood. Someone made this picture on tumblr and I found it funny so I’m sharing it on my blog 😀

GifSpam! Fanon OTP

A combination of both pictures and gifs found by fellow Dramione shippers on tumblr 😛 I’m not sure why but lately I been reading about them again and I think it’s because older Malfoy was flirting with Hermione in Cursed child xD

Even behind the scenes of the films, they are legit the most adorable together! And Goblet of Fire showed a lot of it

GifSpam! Sunk Ship

And Sean Maguire who plays Robin Hood wasn’t informed until January of this year! The writers say that Regina’s story isn’t finished yet but why turn her back to evil I mean really? After all the progress she went through and you going backwards?! RIP my beloved ship Outlaw Queen 😦