Mood: Cooking a Cold

I blame the abrupt change of seasons from a balmy Autumn to a freezing end of season and saying goodbye to the El Nino. It started last night when I was watching my Justice league cartoon flicks and there it was the irritating, sore throat. Woke up for AM shift this morning and didn’t feel crash hot either and it was cold! According to my aunt at 8am it was only 1 degree and I was already at work. The cold started hitting me during check out time, worst timing ever! But I was quite lucky with mum dropping by to give me some meds to help battle the virus.

So very fortunate that I am working the PM shift for the next two days then off for three so it will hopefully be a rest and recovery mode while also catching up with my high school girl friends on June 3rd 😀

– Lu


Mood: Sick/Congested

I don’t think this is a mood of any sorts but it is the only word I can come up with to describe my current behaviour. Yes it is almost Australia Day for me and I have tomorrow off because I have blasted head cold and dry cough. I am quite fortunate to have work tell me to have tomorrow off so I don’t pass my sickness to colleagues or on our guests inhouse.

Tomorrow’s plan is after getting my hair washed is going to the Doctor’s to find out what is going on with my body and hoping after that I will be on the road to recovery. I do not go well with being sick, last time I was sick it turned out to be a severe throat infection that put me out of work for 2 weeks!

– Lu

雨滴: Icy Release

I found the missing story post in the AH Chronicles, so this happened before ‘New Nemesis’ so sorry I only found it now! >.< Re-blogged

Yumi halted in her steps and backtracked giggling as she watched her mistress eye her outfit in the full length mirror. Ame was obviously keen to return home to her patron after a successful mission and retrieval of the gold lion ring. She was herald as a hero and restoring honour to what made the Hayatos proud. But the party was over for now, Ame wanted to just return back to the States to her beloved.

Dressed in a black corset, pencil leather skirt and pink pumps she caught Yumi staring and grinned at her through her mirror. Yumi skipped into the room and glomped her back mumbling “Its for Him” Ame smiled widely her manicured nails running across her collar that wrapped around her neck “Mhm” Was all she could say. Yumi giggled once more and released her hold “He will love it Ame-chan!” Before leaving the young woman alone in her bedroom. Picking up her Hello kitty katana, Ame attached it to her belt a proud smile still on her face.

The pager on her garter suddenly rang off beeping urgently followed by a single text message on her Samsung Galaxy 3, quirking an eyebrow up Ame picked up her phone and the screen flashed bright. What message she saw made the Yakuza stumble in her stilettos and collapse to the carpet. Her dark eyes brimmed with quick tears as they rolled down her cheeks, her pale hands clenched tight around the phone as she gasped out softly


Her shaking hands dropped the phone and reached around her neck, her body shook with sobs as she unbuckled the beloved collar placed on her by her patron and fell to the ground with a soft thud. She was coldly released, she was no one’s submissive. She was alone.