GifSpam! Girl Power

I am back from my holiday! Which means lots of new entries and a diary recap of what I did over the past month, it feels so surreal being on my laptop again even more odd trying to get used to the screen. This morning I am sharing gifs from my favourite show Shadowhunters focusing on Clary and Isabelle, now I never shipped these two girls but valued their sisterhood and friendship very much.


GifSpam! Shadowhunters 2.08

Clary’s wardrobe from Episode 8 in Season 2, I miss watching my Nephilim kiddies on Netflix, still anticipating the arrival of 2b in June! And more wardrobe choices plus her brother Sebastian!

GifSpam! Clary-TheArtist-Morgenstern

The winter finale was televised today and it was an amazing episode though I’m so sad, we are on hiatus until 2b is released on June 5th, this is going to be the longest three months ever until we see the cast again but looking forward to seeing them filming with the inclusion of Will playing Sebastian! 😀

Sharing gifs of when Clary escaped to the Brooklyn Academy to get her head wrapped around her circumstances being a Shadowhunter, those who only watch the tv series forget that Clary Fray has always been an artist first before a warrior.

GifSpam! Season 2 Clary

I can’t wait for it arrive on January 2nd! So glad they made it earlier release than the first season 😀 The trailer and sneak peeks are wetting the fandom’s appetite! This gif series made by Holland Rodens

Bonus: These couples are end game and I love their portrayal of Sizzy, Clace and Malec on the small screen 😀

GifSpam! Clary Fray sneak peak

During my holiday (still away from home, location is Las Vegas and this post is from the hotel business centre) I found out that Shadowhunters has released a teaser trailer, Episode 1 sneak peak and a short preview of the tv series.

They have also officially announced the starting date on ABC family/Freeform- January 12th 2016. Got myself some new Clary Fray gifs from tumblr 😀