雨滴: C.I.A Confrontation

I’m sorry! I know a certain Mei was waiting to see what was going to happen next after Alek and Ame fled the masque ball 😛 Here it is!

Dropping his overcoat over Ame’s shoulders and grabbing her fur shawl, Aleksander took his bewildered blossom out of the Spanish hall heading towards the castle’s southern gardens. He could not forget Ame’s changed mood when she returned from the bathroom and the quiet whisper in his ear. So, Julian Huntington had found them, Aleksander partially blamed their public affairs, of course it would spread outside the Czech Republic and eventually reach wherever the American spy was waiting for Ame to pop back onto the grid. Tugging on Ame’s hand they stepped out into the night, Ame running quicker to catch up with Aleksander’s lengthy strides “Where are we going anata? We can’t escape him on foot” she asked quietly “Our driver will meet us at the gate, we can hopefully outrun the CIA by then” Aleksander was already paging the limousine driver, they could have luck on their side tonight.

There was a loud thud and the CIA agent landed in front of them, his own mask completely gone and his grinning face staring at both. “You know, you two should keep on the down low when it comes to fornicating in public” Julian remarked to them dryly and shaking his head amused. Standing in front of Ame, Aleksander snarled “What’s it to you what we do cowboy!” “Cool down Ruski, I’m not here for you, though your name is on our watch list” Julian’s manner was cool and collected and it was mentally driving Ame nuts.

Grabbing one of her throwing stars off her choker, Ame threw it at Julian quickly over Aleksander’s shoulder. Julian’s pale blue eyes widened in shock and he quickly ducked, the butterfly shaped weapon hitting the tree trunk behind him. “Feisty Ame, is this how you greet an old acquaintance” he mocked her and it made her blood boil. Stepping out from behind Aleksander, Ame ripped off the other throwing star and twirled it in her left hand “We met once in New York City spy, why are you stalking me?!”

Julian pretended to look hurt “I am not stalking you Ms Hayato, I merely found you. Social network of today and your name is a hashtag that is easily searched by my government” Ame bit down a snort, her name was now a hash tag online? She wondered what it was; #SlutAme #Hayatoshame #Cantkeepherlegsshut? Those names and taunts she remembered all too good back in high school from her peers now she just laughed at them all. Aleksander scoffed and balled his fists “If you want to take her in, try and come through me” Julian now laughed casually and shook his head raising his hands in surrender “Aleksander Volkov your reputation with firearms is as famous as your ability to fight with your fists. As trained as I am, I believe you will best me. No, I am not here to either kill or arrest your precious Yakuza, I am here to offer you both a proposition”.

Ame stopped twirling her throwing star and stared at Julian in shock, Aleksander frowned even more and did not release his fighting stance. Julian sighed as his shoulders slumped and turned his full attention upon Ame “I have been following you, observing your skill and have to agree with my government that you are suited for this task. Also, call it coincidence that you are bedding another person of great skill who can aid us”. Ame folded her arms keeping a hold on her weapon just in case Julian was leading them both on. “Why do you need us for and why would we help the American government?”

Julian’s grin returned “The same reason of why your family assists the Japanese government every now and then. Personal rewards and I think both your families would love what we have to offer you” Aleksander now eased his stance but stayed in front of Ame. Seeing their relaxed posture, it encouraged Julian to continue “The U.S government require both your help to retrieve money plates for us. There are 3 plates in total and were taken by the Mexican Cartel. There is one for Japan, one for Russia and one for the United States. I believe both the Japanese and Russian plates are of some importance to your home countries”.

The mention of the plates now had both Ame and Aleksander’s attention, Ame heard rumours about money plates that were lost to the Japanese government. If she could retrieve it, not only more honour to the Hayato’s but they could fetch a high price from their own government or even better use it for their own needs. For Aleksander, the Russian money plate was of historical importance that included his family the Volkovs, his Uncle would be pleased if he returned it to their home land.

Julian saw their change in attitude and his smile widened “Do we have a deal? And don’t forget I need your older sister’s resources especially if you are to succeed in this mission” Ame pouted and stuck her nose in the air “You read of our success here in Prague surely we can take on the Cartel”. Julian chuckled “I forgot to mention, the Cartel also enlisted the help of the Triads and the Zima family, so I will require the assistance of your sister, the Hinotori as well”.


雨滴: Same Page

Alek and Ame’s conversation turns personal and of her past

So, the blonde Mafia had a name and it seemed after her sister’s lieutenant scooped her out of the mess at the Space Ibiza, Mei had dealt with her enemy doing what she does best. A swift and silent kill. It was clear Aleksander knew exactly who she was but what did he want with her, she did not know. He gave her a rogue smile “As for who I am, I am a Volkov my family we are uh…run a family business of a kind but the Zima’s were stirring up trouble back home in Mother Russia, you Hayato’s did us a favour, so I thank you”.

Ame stared at him dumbfounded before quickly finding her voice “Why didn’t you tell me sooner and wait until I was filled with alcohol?” “Both our families are big in our separate underworlds, if I had mentioned myself when you were sober, I am no fool Ame Hayato your reputation has reached even the cold front of my country” Aleksander lifted himself slightly but kept the Yakuza’s daughter pinned underneath “Plus other than your skill with the blade, I heard of your more favourable talents”. Clearly complimenting her insatiable appetite for strong, dominating men Ame blushed faintly then folded her arms “You wanted a taste of a Yakuza”.

Aleksander’s mysterious smile changed to one of mischief “Never experienced it and I’ve had my share of delightful women but they all fire and try and pin me down but unfortunately for them it never works”. Ame pouted up at him “I may be submissive but I was coldly dismissed by a text message from my Dom” Aleksander gasped in feign horror and leaned back down cradling her face in his hands “That man, Jacen…is a fool” he said with a matter of fact tone. Ame looked to the side feeling her face cradle into his hands “Hai…” she whispered.

Her lips were kissed again and she muffled in surprise, feeling Aleksander’s grin against her mouth he kissed her deeper and she sunk back into the pleasure. It had been so long, abnormal for the normally carnal Hayato, she had not been with any other man since Jacen as if her mentality kept her thinking she was still bound to him only. Aleksander was proving to her she could let go and return to what she did best. Lots of raunchy sex.

雨滴: Sister Dear

You don’t usually see normal family worry between both Ame and her older sister Meiakane, well in this short story you get to 😀

She first heard the steady beep of her own heart on the monitor followed by the muffled sounds of people outside. Closer to her she recognised the voices of both Minata and her older sister Meiakane talking in hushed tones, slowly Ame woke up. Her vision at first blurry and becoming clearer as the youngest Hayato immediately took in the hospital room. She had survived the fight with the Russian Mafia and yet her fighting hand was disabled.

Ame noted she could not move her left wrist that was now wrapped in a cast and suspended in the air, she was also slightly raised off the bed, the framework making sure she was not laying completely on her injured upper back. She did not know the status of her thighs but from the heavy bandaging and numbing pain she had no doubt they were stitched up too.

“Imouto, you’re awake, Thank the Gods” Meiakane’s soft voice reached her ears and Ame turned her head, Minata was no longer in the room and the sisters were alone. Ame smiled weakly before her face changed to one of seriousness “The Russian?” “Her head has been lopped off” Mei waved one of her hands in the air “You had fun I take it Nee-chan…” Ame quirked an eyebrow amusedly “My definition of fun is different to yours Ame-chan” Meiakane smirked and folded her arms.

Silence resumed inside the ward and Ame lowered her face thinking over what had happened inside Space Ibiza, “Why did you have to come out of hiding, you were safe when no one knew that you existed, let alone jumped across the Pacific and took up resident here in New York City” Meiakane’s strained voice reached Ame’s ears and she looked up to her big sister.

Concern and fear crossed the older Yakuza’s face, Ame rarely saw her sister with these emotions she was usually so cold, so proud and sometimes teasing with her little sister but this morning it was a whole new expression. “Nee-chan I…” “You should have stayed home back in Japan; you would have been protected!” Meiakane raised her voice a little as she started to pace the small white room. Ame frowned and folded her unbroken arm “I am a Hayato too Nee-chan, staying indoors like a hermit has never been my sort of thing!” “Yes and look where that got you this time Ame!” Meiakane faced her glaring.

Ame shrunk back into the safety of her hospital bed, her defiant gaze switching to defeat. Her older sister sighed dropping her head, her long raven hair covering her face “It was too close, if Minata hadn’t sprinted in first. I could have lost you…” The sisters rarely showed affection to each other especially out in public, it was something that had been drilled into their heads after being raised by their father alone. But at the end of all their bloody missions and squabbles, they were still family and cared about each other’s wellbeing.

“Gomen nasai Nee-chan…” Ame trailed off softly, Meiakane walked over and sat beside her, reaching out and holding onto her broken hand gently “Just don’t scare me like that again” Ame nodded slowly before looking out at the city skyline. Meiakane followed her gaze and said quietly “You’re leaving again aren’t you, where to this time Imouto?” “I’m thinking Prague”.

雨滴: Russian Knives

Its only taken a month or so to give you the next chapter in Ame’s chronicles, I had to research on knife fight and make sure it was authentic and enjoyable for you all to read ^^;

Her body had shifted and more aware of her surroundings, finishing her Cosmopolitan, Ame stepped away from her corner of the dance floor and walked past the other drunk patrons. She had been discovered by the spy which meant it was only time until the Russian Mafia would find her here too. Placing her cocktail on one of the tall tables, Ame headed towards the exit of Space Ibiza only to catch sight of a knife whizzing past her head, stepping to the side she watched it smash into her cocktail, glass shattering and the knife pinning to the table.

Looking straight ahead, she scanned the heavy crowd her dark eyes glazing over each individual before catching sight of platinum blonde hair. One other person she knew from high school had hair like this, but Ame knew that Jossie wouldn’t be in New York City. No, this hair belonged to someone else, someone who was staring at Ame with a smirk and waving at her with a knife in hand.

The Russian Mafia was here.

Quickly diverting left and mingling into the crowd, Ame threw her kunai towards the Russian woman who turned her head and ducked avoiding the flying weapon, the Japanese knife smashing into one of the light strobes and shattering. Patrons nearby screamed and quickly ran away and those too drunk or confused surrounding them quickly followed suit. Amidst the chaos, Ame grabbed two more kunais from her lace corset and headed towards the Russian, she did not have her favourite katana with her but she would have to make do with her knives if she was too survive.

Pushing past the dancers, the blonde woman saw Ame and her smirk widened grabbing another knife from her thigh-high boot and ran towards the Japanese young woman. With the crowd dispersing around them on the dance floor, Ame jabbed her kunai towards the Russian’s chest, the platinum hair woman blocking it with her knife while attempting to slash Ame’s stomach with one of her knives, Ame quickly leaned back and blocked it with her kunai. She spun around in her heels and aimed for another hit, their blades clashed again and again as the heavy metal electronica beat was still playing though the dj was no longer around to watch the women fight.

Blocking another blow to her thighs, Ame flipped her kunai in her right hand and elbowed the Russian mafia in the face who stumbled backwards and hissed at her “You may have won against Shun Hui, but I am better trained than a Triad” the assassin spat out blood and leaped forward with a fierce cry both knives raised. Ame’s dark eyes widened and she quickly rolled to the left, hearing the Russian’s booted feet run towards her, she whipped around only to get a half roundhouse kick into her side that sent her crashing into the bar tables surrounding the dance floor.

Groaning, Ame jumped back up and brushed off the broken glass off her body, throwing one of her kunais in fury for being kicked down, the Russian woman smirked and swatted it aside with one of her knives and ran towards Ame, the Yakuza jumped onto the second platform and grabbed the first kunai she had thrown, flipping both her blades in her hand and lunging forward kunai outstretched. Bad move. Ame saw the assassin side step her and slash towards her from behind, sharp pain ripped across the Yakuza’s upper back and she cried out stumbling forward.

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Reaching up with a tentative hand, Ame felt warm liquid drip onto her fingers from an open wound on her back. The bitch had cut her! Screaming in rage, she spun around again and charged towards the Russian once again their blades clashed and their arms blocked each other’s attacks. Ame’s eyes were a darkened haze of anger and frustration, grabbing the other woman’s platinum hair and kneeing her in the stomach, the Russian woman doubled over coughing as she collapsed and Ame swung her kunai scraping the assassin’s upper left earlobe.

The Russian rolled across the dance floor and leaped back onto her feet as the two females faced off again, this time the Russian threw one of her knives making Ame arch backwards before coming back up and jabbing her kunai forward aiming for her face, the Russian grabbed Ame’s wrist with one hand tutting in a mocking manner “Wrong move again Hayato” before bending down and swinging her leg out and sweeping Ame off the floor and onto her backside. Ame fell backwards not before catching sight of another silver slash followed by more pain, this time coming from her thighs.

Blood oozed out of two cuts on both thighs and Ame hunched forward in shock as she crawled away ignoring the increasing pain in her upper back, she was losing…she never lost in a fight. Still clutching onto one of her kunais, she attempted to make a stand only to feel the Russian grab one of her left wrist, her katana hand and break it. Ame heard and felt her bone shatter and she screamed out in hot pain as another kick landed on her abdomen and she was sent flying across the dance floor. Crashing against the second platform, Ame couldn’t move she felt cold and a growing numbness along with the same sharp pain from her wounds.

The platinum Russian walked towards her slowly, her confident smile growing wider “You are broken little Ame” she taunted yet again, Ame leaned against the wall and waited for the end. But it never came. Instead all the lights went out and the music was cut off, she felt a warm embrace easily scoop her off the floor, she whimpered out weakly and she heard a soft, calming voice “Easy Ame-chan, I got you” Ame blinked in the darkness as she was carried out of the club “Min-ata?” before she blanked out into unconciousness.

Back in Space Ibiza, the lights flashed on but the music did not resume and the Russian saw her prey was no longer on the floor only small pools of blood remained of where Ame had laid. Gripping her knives she hissed in frustration only to hear the clicking of heels behind her followed by the sound of a katana being unsheathed. The assassin hesitated in turning around because she knew there was only one explaination of why the youngest Hayato was safe. Her older sister, the Hinotori was behind her.