GifSpam! Drift Compatible

Pacific Rim 2 is not being released until next year and it’s not focused on our badass Gipsy Danger duo Raleigh and Mako but can we appreciate them from the first film?? There was no kiss but you can’t bloody deny the chemistry between the two of them!
amuseoffyre: “I love that Raleigh is just like “my baby, off to destroy people” when she pulls out the sword. There’s something he would never have thought of and he’s so proud. ”


GifSpam! The Beast

I watched Beauty and the Beast last night with a group of work girlfriends at this event in our local cinema called Chicks at the Flicks, never been to one before and enjoyed the experience as much as I adored the movie! Dan Stevens won me over as the Beastly prince ❤

Tumblr is hooked on the growl he does when in Prince form, I admit I am besotted too 😛

雨滴: Blossoming in Death

Ame’s story in Prague continues, I hope you are all still enjoying her chronicles ❤

Walking to the entrance of the Death clubs, two bouncers with guns stared down at her, Ame beamed up at both and flashed them her temporary ID again not with her real details on the card. Nodding at her, they allowed her inside with a swing of both the doors. The noise was intense with Amanranthe’s ‘Nexus’ roaring through the high speakers, large tesla coils sat at each corner of the lit-up dance floor that also had suspended cages filled with dancers.

On the stage in the centre wearing a fedora was a gorgeous dark skin woman, she was dancing on a chair and enticing the crowd who cried out “Mia! Mia!” money littered the floor where she danced and everywhere she stepped she tugged off a piece of clothing and placed the paper money into her thong much to the pleasure of the crowd. Behind the sheer red curtains in the alcoves of the clubs, couples drank, made out and some were bold to have sex in the plush leather lounges.  At the main bar, four bartenders served and entertained with their tricks for the que, dancing around a pole on the second open floor were two bald twin women, each heavily tattooed and giving the crowd plenty to look at.

Ame laughed with joy at all the glorious chaos unfolding before her and quickly removed her own cape coat and passing it to one of the coat check attendants. Smacking her red lips together she sauntered over towards the bar, a couple of men being bold and offering her drinks of her choosing. Ame giggled coyly and thanked the raven hair man almost bowing before realising where she was “Give me one of their best cocktails” the patron nodded and eagerly pushed himself to the front of the que much to the objection of the crowd.

Sitting down in a bar stool by the dance floor, Ame bobbed her head back and forth to the music, it wasn’t Japanese techno but it had a beat that she could dance to. Feeling a presence approach her, Ame’s fingers graced her right thigh of where her throwing stars sat only to hear a baritone voice greet her softly despite the loud music “Privet tsvesti” she froze up immediately recognising the language as Russian and her thoughts went to the Russian mafia she had left in New York city. If it weren’t for the arrival of her Onee-chan Meiakane, Ame would have been done for.

Looking up over her shoulder, Ame prepared herself for another quarrel only to drink in the sight of a very tall man with hazel eyes and hair the colour of burning fire. His skin was as fair as hers, his lips curled in a lopsided grin as their eyes connected. Ame stared briefly before giving him her most dazzling smile “Konbanwa…” “Ahh Japanese, hajimemashite” though his Russian tenor was heavy, his pronunciation was on point. Ame laughed amazed and swivelled in her stool, her concentration now completely on him “Your Japanese is perfect Mr?” she now spoke back in English.

Taking her left hand in his, the man with the flame hair kissed the back of her hand “Aleksander Volkov and you are?” Ame’s smile widened, he was bold and charming she had to give him points for that “Sakura” she answered simply. “Miss… Sakura? You are not one of the regulars of Death Club, just arrived today?” Sitting opposite her at the tiny table but keeping her hand in his, Aleksander rubbed the back of her palm slowly.

Ame nodded, pushing her hair over her shoulder with her free hand showing off her skin under the multi coloured lights and lasers. “I was tipped to visit this place” underneath the table, she felt their legs entwine and she tilted her head cutely “Mr Volkov, I believe you are trying to seduce me in public”. She slipped off one of her heels and glided her foot between Aleksander’s calves and slid it up to nestle on the chair between his thighs, he clearly felt it and bit his bottom lip. Their eyes still connected as he felt a brief rub on his groin “But you are teasing me Ms Sakura…”.

GifSpam! Season 2 Clary

I can’t wait for it arrive on January 2nd! So glad they made it earlier release than the first season 😀 The trailer and sneak peeks are wetting the fandom’s appetite! This gif series made by Holland Rodens

Bonus: These couples are end game and I love their portrayal of Sizzy, Clace and Malec on the small screen 😀

GifSpam! Emoji Shadowhunters

Countdown until Season 2 trailer is released to the world, it is happening at 10am PST or 1pm EST so converting that to Aussie time for me and I have to wait until 4am to watch it?! It will be worth it staying up for it before bedtime >< Meanwhile CanIslytherinthings made these emoji gifs related to each character from the series. I love it! 😀

PicSpam! Neverland Aesthetics

And off I go again finding pretty graphics on Tumblr, tonight’s theme is Disney and in particular my favourite childhood getaway; Neverland done with an adult twist.
Also got modern day Wendy and Peter here too 😀 All done by the same artist ❤

雨滴: Handsome Stranger

It has been 2 years since I posted anything about my first RP character Ame Hayato but after much procrastinating and browsing tumblr for inspiration I am giving you all a new short story 😀

Three weekends later and the youngest Hayato had returned to the United States not just to hopefully lose the tracking Russian spy off her tail but she had enough of dwelling inside her old family home. Rather than moping about in Japan she decided that travelling would fix her broken heart. This time instead of returning to Los Angeles she took up residence in New York City, in Park Avenue to be precise and stayed under radar to keep herself safe.

However Ame was getting restless after realising that she could only decorate her little, luxury apartment for so long before it became too much and there was enough detail to call it hers. Setting up a Skype call, Ame contacted her handmaiden Yumi who was still back at the Hayato residence. The petite girl with short brown hair appeared on the screen “Ahh Ame-chan konbanwa!” Ame smiled at her childhood friend and bowed in return “Konbanwa Yumi-chan, it’s been a while”. Sitting down at her vanity table and propping her laptop up, Ame started to apply her foundation to her face.

On the camera, Yumi tilted her head to the side before it immediately clicked in her head of what her Oyabun’s daughter was doing “Ame-chan you’re not going out tonight are you?!” Ame turned to face the camera and laughed as she painted her lips red and shrugged her bare shoulders “I’m bored at home Yumi-chan, I live in the city that never sleeps, I need to experience it!” Yumi sunk in her chair and pouted “Is this why you called, to let your entire family know you are no longer hiding” tucking in her kunais into her lace corset with a bright smile, Ame giggled “Exactly.”

On the underground train heading south of the city towards the harbour, Ame tapped her pink heels to the music that was drowning through her earphones, she wanted to take her katana to show her rank but realised that not only would it clash with her risque outfit but it would alert the police of her presence. A young Japanese woman carrying weapons upon her person and with her name going about the international governments and officials, it wouldn’t be long before the squads on the east coast would realise who was living among them.

Despite her music removing all outside noise surrounding her, Ame couldn’t help the feeling that she was being followed, whoever was pursuing her was blending in with the Saturday night crowd like she was. Looking over her shoulder, her dark eyes briefly took in the other travellers, noting nothing different she was about to turn her head when her eyes caught sight of pale blue staring right back into hers. Taking in the appearance of the elegantly dressed young man, she merely flashed him a dazzling smile and faced forward, her mind already analysing at who he could be.