GifSpam! Blue Punk Boy

I told myself that I would not like Luka Couffaine in the new Miraculous episode, I thought he and Adrien would be rivals or he be a douchebag…how wrong I was! He is so sweet to Marinette and friendly to Adrien and overall a nice guy with a musical soul, gahh! New cutie alert.



GifSpam! Love Square

The new episode of Miraculous; Glaciator was everything! Not only did we get moments between our leading duo, the idea of an ice-cream man who can predict who your future soulmate will be, I wish Andre existed


GifSpam! Miraculous

After returning from holiday I got back into my usual schedule and caught up with what’s going on Netflix, found a show that I’m hooked on. It is another magic girl series released from France called Miraculous: Tales of Ladybug and Cat Noir, such a damn cute show and I already have an OTP in the form of the two leading characters Marinette and Adrien.

GifSpam! Secret Life of Pets

I went to watch this movie on my own after a stressful AM shift and found it to be completely adorable and on point when it came to how our pets behave. The cat Chloe’s attitude and love for food is definitely my Skitty.
Though I have to admit the white puff ball of a dog Gidget (she wears a pink bow) her switch of mood from cute and playful to short tempered and determined reminds me a lot of myself. Though the obssession over the lead dog Max is a bit too much..