Diary: Mixtures and Concoctions

Instagram is currently down and everyone is on twitter asking and flailing about it. I didn’t even realise until I saw the hashtag treading, its comical and sad that humanity has come to rely on their social media so heavily on a daily basis. I admit I have a facebook, twitter and Instagram but I frequent them to catch up on my multi fandom news especially on Star Wars and Miraculous lady bug.

This work week while short because of the past long weekend but its been productive and very busy for us in Reservations especially because we only have four days. The long weekend was a well needed break from my city and from what had occured in the past month, all the bloody drama! My parents and I went to our nation’s capital for two nights and stayed in our favourite hotel while my sister and hubby house/cat sat.

We were in Canberra for the flower festival that signifies the arrival of Spring down under and the reason why we decided to go down there was because I had three days off and we had not been to Floriade since I was 8 years old. Though there wasn’t many tulips this year because we are currently going through a drought, there was still plenty of flowers to be seen and it was mixed with live music and cute market stalls. The smell of the food gave me nostalgic feels of the Easter show and all their attractions.

How have I been coping since the best friend removed me silently? I’ve been doing ok, I’ve still got my American besties and been reaching out to friends I haven’t spoken to in months. You know when you say goodbye to friends through work or leisure and you keep assuring each other to stay in touch and to not be strangers? Well I am realising that I am almost strangers to a couple of mates of mine who were there for me with any situation. I am not going to desert them.

Creative side has been all over the place and that is probably the ADHD again, I am re-reading all the old stories that are still a work in progress and trying to rack my brain to finish at least one of them. They are all in the middle of each tale and I just need to find the motivation and heart to finish them. I did read the Battle for Azeroth book: Before the storm in one day, on the road to Canberra this past Saturday. I only wished that I had also brought with me another book considering I finished the novel so quickly.

It gives inspiration for my warlock short stories that I post here bi-weekly and more temptation to subscribe again to Blizzard and return to the world of Azeroth. What is holding me back is the fact that I would have to pay for it again and I’m currently in the process of saving for my overseas travels of next year.

My five likes found during this short work week;

  • Chicken pies for dinner this past Monday, we bought from this amazing bakery in Goulburn on the way home from Canberra and had them in the evening. Reason why I put this as a like is because we rarely eat pie because we’re all trying to eat healthy in this household and this was a treat.
  • My handmade soot ball by Mola Pila arrived from Spain yesterday! It’s so soft and now part of my bed collection, I don’t care that I have many plushies, it is just part of who I am 😉
  • Hyatt– though I work for Accor and have not thought of leaving the hotel chain, Hyatt always treats my family as high end guests doesn’t matter where we stay, whether in Canberra or Waikiki.
  • A new colleague from Paris has joined my department and we had lunch together today, I told her how I’m learning French to benefit myself in being part of the French company. She has offered to help me learn her language.
  • The Addams family, welcoming the spooky month I binge watched the two films on 1st and 2nd of October, Morticia is gothic elegance and her marriage with Gomez is pure couple goals, hidden kinks and all.



Mood: Very tired

We are back home from Canberra this afternoon and it is so hot today! The weekend away was nice though all of us unfortunately could not sleep well, a lot of tossing and turning and I only slept 5hrs each night. Going back to work tomorrow on the AM shift and working with my front office manager, first shift we’re on together I’m excited.

Today is also Valentines Day though I spent it with my parents for majority of the day I have made a decision to unfollow my overly mushy friends for one day until they get their love posts done for the day. I have given up chocolate for Lent and not sure how I will cope considering that always on the 15th February all the chocolates are much cheaper.

– Lu

LL Note: Birthday Weekend

** Going to Canberra tomorrow! **

Despite being gifted two pretty shirts from my parents and birthday cards from them, my sister and her boyfriend and my grandma on mum’s side- my main birthday present from the family is a mini trip to our Nations capital this weekend. Originally it was going to be a mother/daughter bonding until dad wanted to come with, he has a thing of being left alone.

We are driving there in the afternoon and doing a stopover to see one of mum’s work friends at their place halfway to Canberra. We will be staying at the Park Hyatt near Parliament house and I will have my own room. Ange was kind enough to pay for one of the two nights we are staying at the hotel. Last time I was in Canberra I was perhaps only 12 years old and before that I was only 5 so cannot wait to see how much has changed since that time.

I need this mini break just for time of reflection and offline from the virtual worlds though I will miss my gaming 😛 See you all when I come back on Sunday afternoon! And back to work on Monday morning @.@

– Lu

Diary: Birthday Weekend

Starting from the 9th February next month I will be having 6 days off, apparently to our General manager he wants all of us to use up our day-in-lieu having worked so many from Christmas to Australia Day. Because I have so many days off and it happens around my 28th birthday time period, mum has decided we should have a mother-daughter mini trip to our Nations capital.

It does sound like quite a good trip to Canberra because last time we were down there I was 14 and it was a stopover on the way down to the Snowy alps. The city itself has various amazing places to go see and not just the government being located there. The only downside of this is that observatory night viewing does not start until March bugger!

We are still going to drive there, it will be a nice break before everything gets all busy again at work, though starting yesterday all the regulars returned and conferences have started up once more. So it begins 😛

– Lu