Mood: All kinds of Broken

I have been offline for the past two weeks since February 24th because of the sole purpose that my boyfriend Brad was here in Australia and I took him around Sydney and slightly outside the basin. The first week went at an easy pace, he met my family at my 30th birthday party, it was Harry Potter theme and we then had my sister’s wedding the following weekend, Brad caught the garter too…

My whole family adores him and he can get along easily with anyone he meets, he even met my regular hairdressers and my favourite shop assistant at the vintage store Kitten D’amour. The second week we did more tourist outings in the city including Manly beach and Taronga Zoo but like all good things, it must all come to an end.

At 2:30pm in front of the gates of Sydney International airport, I said goodbye to my other half. Even now, 4hrs later and sitting down in my room where my bed is remade and all my plushies are back, the room still smells like him and my chest still aches. I asked one of my high school friends how did they do it with their now husband and she advised to keep looking into the future and our next reunion.

The next reunion will be in England when I go there next year, I thought I’d go in August when my parents fly to Canada but mum suggested I should go in January, to experience their winter and if I would be able to handle it if I moved over there. Still thinking about dates just for now, I’m nursing a sad heart.

– Lu


Diary: Memories of an Euro Trip

We landed at 6:18am two days ago in Sydney International airport after a 13hr flight from Dubai, the trip back home wasn’t too bad despite the high turbulence that occured somewhere south of India and heading towards Western Australia. I had about four hours sleep and unfortunately parents did not sleep at all, they are quite sensitive to movement. Our chauffeur dropped us home and I got bombarded by my sister while she was filming us on her Snap chat app.

Parents slept for majority of the morning but not me, I unpacked, got my hair washed by my hairdressers while relaying the details of my month holiday and left a voice mail to the HR of Sofitel in the city. I really hope she calls me back and we can set up an interview, I really want to change direction into Reservations or back office. My boss had it down pat before she left us, she knew my strengths were technical and I have been facing guests for too long (seven years!)

Rather than give you all my five likes for the week, I’m going to give you the highlights of my holiday and break it down into detail.

  • Florence/Firenze– The food, the Hotel Renaissance that we stayed in, the old buildings, there is something about this city that made me fall in love with it while we stayed there for 3 nights
  • Sorrento– It was the optional addition to the Pompeii tour because we couldn’t go up to Mt Vesuvius but I did not mind relaxing by the water front with a milkshake after a busy day in the hot sun. It is so picturesque and gave me inspiration for Ame’s chronicles (written down in note form while away)
  • Venice– All of it! It was no.2 on my bucket list since I was a kid. Regardless of how much walking we did, I loved seeing St Mark’s Square, drinking a mocktail at the Hard rock cafe, all the Venetian masks and leather bound, handmade journals and our hotel was amazing, my bed was in a seperate room to where the parents slept
  • Lake Como– Mum’s old boss Camilla drove us all the way up to this grand lake from Milan for a day trip and we had dinner on the island of Bellagio, it was breathtaking especially at the top of the mountain, we rode a funicular and was given a gorgeous sight.
  • Versailles– I love Marie Antoinette! So I had a very happy all day tour in the palace as well as checking out her estate, since I read her biography and watched the movie featuring Kirsten Dunst, I recognised a lot of the locations used, plus I bought Laduree merchandise, so cute macaron keychain and notepads.
  • Disneyland Paris– I have now been to three Disneylands! I felt sorry for dad not sure if he enjoyed going there and probably would have preferred staying in the hotel but it was one of my happiest days on this holiday and I luckily didn’t go overboard with my shopping in the Emporium.
  • The Cotswolds– A train ride up north and an early start but the personal tour: Secret Cottage with the tour guide Becky taking us to her home and having her daughter feed us morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea while visiting the old villages covered in flora and so much greenery! Considering that my lawn right now, the lands of England is so lush!
  • Harry Potter studio tour– Mum and I left dad back in London and got a driver to take us to Leavesden studios where they filmed the Harry Potter studio, this day is up there with Disneyland and I did so much shopping afterwards! Including a pink pygmy puff that makes cute noises when you squeeze it. Any Potter fan should go here!
  • Brad weekend– Two and a half days and finally meeting my other half, I wish we had more time together it so wasn’t long enough! I’m hoping he flies down under and we get more time together. We went to Camden Markets, Stratford Westfield and I met his best friend while he was in London- I miss him every day even though we still talk daily.

– Lu

Diary: Multi Entertainment

My boyfriend has gone away for 2-3 weeks with his mates to Crete so while my bedtime is better for myself and earlier, I still miss seeing him after I finish my PM shift and then he comes home from work too. Because of this large absence in my life I have been occupying myself with random online things in between shifts. I have a timeline and arcs for Ame’s chronicles, I have been on/off playing Legion and getting more inspiration for my warlock’s short stories. I have also been utilising Pinterest as well to aid me visually for writing.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Barbie Starlight adventure has come out on DVD yesterday! I love it 😀
  • Bought two new Peter Alexander nightdresses for Summer
  • Playing dress up in Kitten D’amour’s Elite VIP dressing room
  • Seeing my U.S trip pictures of last year pop up in ‘On this day’ on Facebook
  • Videos sent from boyfriend of an adorable stray cat joining him and his friends in their holiday house

Tonight I only got one vice to vent about which is a good thing because I am less angry on everything that happens around me in particular on Second Life but this pet peeve is still irritating me and that is of Copy cats/Clones– Girls who mimic my appearance online or change it to try and give it their own style when I try and be original while still keeping my favourite personal trend of Sailor Moon/kitten/pink and black.

– Lu

Fashion Tile: BDSM Royalty

This is very unusual for me to be posting a second fashion tile but this LOTD is also special because it’s not my usual, its going kink and featuring my Sir; Aum ❤

* #EMPIRE – Alstroemeria – Maitreya *NEW* from ROMP
* [RA] Waterfall Hair from Hair Fair 2015
* PHEDORA. Isidora Set *NEW* from ROMP
* REIGN.– Holo Pumps- Pearl *NEW* from Luxe Box

“ Carnivale by Theanimalparade

* [CX] Tongue Trap (Onyx) from ROMP

* :Diamante: Provocative Reloaded Collar from Main store
* [ abrasive ] Constrained Play Leather Blindfold Black from Objets D’amour
* [Black Bantam] Standing Little Kitten – Orange Tabby F *RARE* from Chapter 4

Mood: Musical

It is more so since I went on a slight shopping splurge at the Kitten D’amour shop on my previous day off I have been switching my playlist to more 50s-60s era. To be precise, the girl at the shop named Luna recommended me to a youtube music channel called Post modern jukebox, it is a large group of various artists and musicians who remix today’s music into vintage songs.

I already bought ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by N*SYNC and ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce because I found their remixes very catchy and easy to bop to or to just to have as background music when I’m multi-tasking. I also got into Daft Punk partially because of my other half and his random happy tunes though he is still very much a Muse fanboy and can’t wait to see them public again. And I just diverted this random topic from music to my partner…my bad.

– Lu

Diary: Building Relationships

Though today is Day 6 of work and I got one more day left before I finally get my weekend I have to admit that I’m quite content with my reality right now especially tonight. After last night’s argument and conclusion with my dear boyfriend Ian, I know now that I haven’t been paying attention to him in what he deserves and he shouldn’t be dealing with that from me.

Regardless of the fact he did not come here last month and we had to put it on hold until hopefully October (I told him to come here for my mum’s birthday) we manage to save and mend our relationship mostly for my part. I will try and give him more attention than be so caught up and focused on the pixel worlds, mum is warning that I should cease in my SL shopping 😡

Work wise, I have been doing the PM shift with my Assistant front office manager Tash, I’m quite happy to remark that for the past 2 months I have been enjoying work more and more. Not just because I been winning with the enrollments for our hotel but my relationships with my front office bosses has improved tenfold. I actually enjoy going to work now not with a sense of dread 😀

– Lu