GifSpam! Girls Night

This scene in the Once upon a time episode, two weeks ago had me rolling over in giggles, the dynamic between Snow, Regina and Emma is amazing as ever and I really hope this isn’t the last season for OUAT ._.



PicSpam! Katherine (Mother Goose)

This aesthetic made by Memcir inspired by the Guardians of Childhook book series by William Joyce is simply amazing and I can easily see Georgie Henley playing the growing up Katherine 😀

GifSpam! Season 2

Two days ago the Mortal Instruments fandom heard the most amazing news, I was in bed reading my kindle when I saw the note pop up on the Shadowhunters facebook the cast were talking live.

And needless to say social media on all platforms and including myself who was ready to sleep, reacted high and proudly 😛
Season 2 is not released until next year obviously because they have to film it but this means new Behind the scenes, new casting videos including Jonathan Morgenstern (really looking forward to that announcement xD)

Mood: Hopeful

While on the way home from Bowral for my cousin’s wedding I was browsing the usual Shadowhunters Facebook only to discover they have released two new videos AND the official poster of the tv series finally! While still many supposed fans are arguing that it looks fan made and cheap, I personally found it to look amazing! Have a look.

Others are also arguing that they are rushing Clary into being a Shadowhunter then following her training from being a normal human, personally I knew this would happen it’s to keep the excitement up especially for book fans and something interesting for those who aren’t part of the fandom. January 12th can’t happen sooner!

– Lu

Mood: Impatient Fangirl

First I got through Dawn of the Dreadfuls and Pride and Prejudice and Zombies within 4 days of reading now I had the first two books of Lunar Chronicles; Cinder and Scarlet finished in two days! And like any fangirl of a beloved series that nerve wrecking impatience of waiting for the final book to be released (not until November) and the pre-order of the third book- Cress

I am so very glad that my dear friend Aria has introduced me to this series, I was having a bland moment reading between Alice in Wonderland and powering through City of Bones, I read through CoB and enjoyed it though some bits were a bit yawn and I’m only reading it again because of next year’s Shadowhunters series.

But the Lunar Chronicles! Wow what a breath of fresh air breathed into the classic fairytales kinda like what Once upon a time did sending a twist into all the legendary characters. The setting is futuristic and its nitty gritty, the Cinderella or Cinder Linh is one bad ass cyborg woman while Scarlet Benoit in the second book is just as awesome. I highly recommend this series and as we get closer to November I can eagerly use the hashtag known for Game of Thrones… #Winteriscoming!!


Bookish Photosets 6/?: Cinder

“She was cyborg, and she would never go to the ball.”


ya aesthetics > scarlet benoit
“She did not know that the wolf was a wicked sort of animal, and she was not afraid of him.”

– Lu