Diary: Bouquet of Reverie

This diary entry was suppose to be posted up earlier than expected, I was going to share some more details of my life the day after my birthday weekend getaway but it just kept dragging on and this week has been busy at work with a lot of my colleagues coming down with a cold or other ailments. I believe I absorbed a cough from one of the girls and I’ve got an appointment at the doctor’s today and I hope it’s not another infection.

Recapping about my birthday weekend last week! It started off at work when my department threw me an impromptu party in our corner of the office and I wore Hogwarts robes and a witch hat while my team brought in delicious snacks to eat while we work. Karaoke then ensued in the evening with my cousins on my dad’s side, I’m surprised I did not lose my voice that night and glad I kept my drinking under control (kept sipping from the others cocktails to try each flavour)

The Saturday after, my family of five stayed at my work. The room was gorgeous with a view of the harbour and it looked amazing either during the day or night. Evening was dinner with mum’s side of the family and one of my high school girlfriends joining us. We had the weekly fireworks go off at 9pm and a yummy chocolate mud cake for dessert. The restaurant was ok though they were super busy and we had to wait an hour for the cake we bought to come out.

My actual birthday day was a chill out Sunday but I did go and see my grandma (mum’s side) who gave me a lovely necklace that reminded me of something out of the Lord of the Rings, very Elven. Overall last weekend was an amazing time for me and I’m again forever grateful to my work, family and friends for celebrating my birthday. My big 3-0 was last year but my 31st was even better!

My fandom heart has been filled with plenty of goodies across the spectrum though I am still flailing for the title of the final Star wars film. They announced today they had finished filming and were starting to wrap up on each section. It’s hard to believe that the 9th movie in this saga is coming to an end and a bit surreal that it is all finishing. Sure we will have the tv series of cartoon and live action but the Skywalker story is reaching its closure. I just hope that my favourite OTP will finally have their happy ending and no one of big importance dies for the sake of a well written plot.

Shadowhunters gave us a new trailer made by Netflix, they should have made this promo the official teaser to be honest because it did not spoil the Season 3A ending and continued to keep up with the mystery of “what will happen”. LGBT awards GLAAD also gave us a snippet featuring characters Magnus and Alec, they will be babysitting the adorable little warlock Madzie. I have a countdown on my blog here and it is only 9 days until we get to watch the new episodes. Again another series that is coming to an end but this was wrongfully done so! The fandom is still trying to save it and it’s hard to believe it was still cancelled.

Sharing my five likes for this week;

  • Miraculous: We got ourselves a weekly treat of new Season 3 episodes that was a combination of character development, relationships blooming and comedy and action of course. Though I still wish to strangle Adrien for just not getting with the program, he is so oblivious!
  • The new collection at Kitten D’amour and because I was given a new gift voucher from my sister for my birthday, there is one dress I have been eyeing after I tried it on. I love the perks of being a VIP especially when they have new release days that entitle to sweets and champagne.
  • Valentines Day– work treated its staff with a hot lunch, chocolates and cards of appreciation, it made the single folk like myself happy and not feeling as alone when watching other couples with their roses and presents.
  • Waking up early on a weekend, its that content feeling when you know you don’t have to rush and get ready for work and the sky is blue and birds are singing and it’s just nice (sounds like something out of a Disney flick)
  • Kpop boy band BTS attending the Grammy’s and watching Jungkook happily sing to Jolene by Dolly Parton is the cutest thing I have seen on social media this week.

 – Lu


Second Life: 1 Years Old

This should have been done on the 16th July when my Rez day actually occurred but oh well I’m doing it right now. I had PM shift on that day and when I got home Hammer had told me of a masquerade sim to take pretty pictures at but I had to dress up. I had done my shopping at the Secret Affair before work and got to wear Aisling‘s Rose Valentine dress and a pink rose eyepatch from Alchemy‘s gacha at the event.

Hammer teleported to a sim I did not recognise and what a major surprise I got when I accepted it. There was at least 25 people in the outdoor area, the room was grey but loaded to be pink/black and theme of Alice in Wonderland!  My big sister Lexy hosted it in her apartment and organised a surprise Rez day for me between her and Hammer.

It was mostly Hammer’s idea and he managed to send out invitations to the friends that I knew to be dressed up in masquerade costumes and be at Lexy’s place at this hour. He had organised it for a month now and he and Lexy were the dj at my party. Needless to say I was overwhelmed and incredibly touched by what the two did for me.

Never in my SLife or reality did I have a surprise birthday thrown for me and the amount of people who showed up or even sent messages to be passed on show how much they truly cared for me.

The turn out of friends despite the time zone difference was amazing and I thank every single person who showed up, for the 2hrs that the party lasted I have never been so much blessed and fortunate to have all of them in my Second Life.