Mood: Multi-tasking at its Best

All this excitement of leading up to the end of the year, my new work opening at the beginning of next month and I will be joining them in January has got this week going very quickly. Today on my day off was quiet during the day though I have been writing a fair lot even if its one shots that have been inspired by my dreams. I used to do this a lot when I was in high school, I’d have a random idea pop into my head and I used to quickly write it down in a notebook or type up a story on the downstairs computer.

It is why I have so many books that are half full in my book shelf and in the drawers too, I had an endless imagination that a tiny piece was only used during my roleplaying days on IMVU. I guess being hardly online in either virtual universe, the imagination is waking up even more and I am creating my own alphabet, drawing up maps and creating new fantasy species especially for the bigger tales. Alongside my Ame chronicles, I have about four other big stories saved on my laptop.

– Lu


Diary: Planning Ahead

The beauty of having not having to work until the PM shift the following night and you finish an AM shift at 3pm means you have a 24hr break before you return to work. It also meant for me on Saturday night that I got to travel to the city and meet up with Mei for a night of lots of laughs, random conversation and future plans.

I found out from Ms Mei that she did a deposit on a two bedroom apartment near the airport and if I was to ever move back to working for city hotels, she has a spare bedroom for me in her new place. To imagine that! Living in an apartment with my 14.5 years best friend would be amazing, we have travelled together and I have emotionally broke down in front of 3 times so she can easily handle my tantrums as the most awesome “Nee-chan” that she is.

It also had me thinking about my future, do I want to stay local at my current job or move back to the city? We also discussed our holiday plans, she is flying back to South Korea with her mum and missing out on my birthday this year! D: But I also have my new holiday in August with the parents to save up for. This time we are going to Hawaii! Mei also spoke to me about a second trip to South Korea in September for their Thanksgiving, I wanna go back! I hope I have annual leave, I’ll happily go and see her family again ❤

– Lu

Mood: Renewed

I got to see my beloved Nee-chan last night and we went to our usual Korean restaurant in the city. She had messaged me the night before and had a guessing that I wanted to vent to her about everything that has happened in between our last catch up and she was already on the road to recovery from being sick.

Needless to say amidst all our delightful scoffing of the yummy food at Seoul-ria and chatting about anything and everything I got a sense of renewed energy from merely being in her presence. But this always happens when I’m around Mei, every girl needs a bestie around because when the world feels like it is going dark, they light up the path again for you 😀

– Lu

Diary: First Day off in 7 Days

Just got home now after an all afternoon and all night out in the city of Sydney as well as Bondi Junction browsing and did a small amount of shopping. Got myself a new maxi dress with Summer approaching us here in Australia. It’s blue and white horizontally stripped with a v-neck to give the image of cleavage (since I don’t have much breast to begin with :P) After shopping it was in Chinatown hanging out with our Korean friend who runs a shop until 8pm on Friday nights. For a ‘Friday the 13th’ it was a very good day spent with my bestie.

-– Lu