Diary: Catch Up

Sorry I’m three days behind my usual daily schedule of posting everything and anything but I haven’t been feeling the motivation for any diary or fashion tile on Second Life. What I have been doing these past couple of days is working the AM shifts and dealing with the freezing temperatures early morning. I have also got my hayfever brewing due to the fact I cleaned my room on my previous days off.

I also got to watch Mad Max: Fury Road and found myself enjoying it very much despite the morbid setting of a wasteland future, Pottermore released the houses of the American magic girl Ilvermorny and I got sorted into the Horned Serpent and though it has a snake for its symbol it’s actually one favoured for the scholars and intelligence. In national news we all had to vote yesterday for our next PM and so far it is tied up between both parties, we don’t know the final results until Tuesday, great…

– Lu


Diary: Long Weekend/Queen’s Birthday

Our June long weekend here in Aussie land usually heralds the beginning of the ski season in our snowy alps where a lot of the families drive down to Thredbo or Perisher Blue to ski. My family and I used to do it when my sister and I were much younger and mum did not have any of her knee or thigh issues. We usually stayed in Thredbo valley and while I struggled to go down the mountain, both Ange and mum were pros! Mum even advanced to the second level and went higher up the mountain only to come tumbling down…

Now with us all older and mum’s health issues we do not go to the snow fields rather spend it together with either me working or going to check out our city’s colour festival named Vivid. This year they extended the length of time of having it open and a lot of people who have gone to see it have called it the best year yet. Usually I attend every year with my bestie Mei but we haven’t got around to it yet, however tomorrow after my AM shift parents would like to go into city again thanks to the long weekend, I invited Miss Mei 😀

– Lu

Mood: Flailing

After deciding to restart the Ame Hayato Chronicles as well as continue writing up the many random stories featuring my human warlock Andais Lu, I have realised after the two days since I posted something in this blog I haven’t done anything yet. Call it procrastinating at its finest, all the ideas are there in my head and ready to be written into a great short story and yet I still haven’t done it. Don’t worry it will happen soon, after I get inspired to do my next fashion tile for Second Life.

In other real life news I am really sick of this back burning that our fire brigades have been doing up in our mountains to prepare us for next Summer because we get severe bushfires. Don’t they realise we need a break from all this smoke or our air quality will be that of Shanghai! x.x

– Lu

Diary: We will Remember

Today is the 25th April and every year it marks the anniversary of all the Australian and New Zealand veterans who fought and died for us in both world wars. It also marks of when the Allied forces landed at Gallipoli and over 130,000 soldiers died that day most of them from merely landing on the peninsula.

Every year for me personally this has special meaning not just in saying thank you to those who have passed away and their comrades who are still alive but yesterday, 4 years ago to be exact my Poppy (mum’s step-dad) passed away. He was a veteran of World War II and went to Papua New Guinea. My Nanna gave mum his medals of honour and she hopes to do one day participate in the Anzac parade that is held every year in the city.

So today while everyone celebrates a public holiday, we must remember the reason of why we got this holiday and why Australia is still Free from war and turmoil.

Lest we forget.

– Lu

Diary: Spring is Here!

It is the first of September here in Sydney and not only is it my annual leave month but also the first day of Spring! Though it started off freezing this morning and I’ve still got another 2 days of AM shifts to go, I can do this! Today was Day 5! The entire day shaped into a beautiful afternoon with a maximum of twenty degrees and plenty of sunlight.

I need to start packing for my U.S trip, I haven’t even pulled my luggage bag out of the wardrobe yet and I’ve got a week left, whoops…

It is also the day that The Arcade opens in Second Life, a gacha event that is highly popular with plenty of awesome creations and plenty of lag and always full for the first week and a half (usually). It opens in 30mins and I am so ready to clear out my wishlist if not browsing the yardsales should be gone though Gachatopia has closed down their reseller apartments and thats where I got most of my items in the Summer Arcade edition in June 😦

– Lu

Diary: First day of Autumn

Though it doesn’t exactly feel like Autumn at the moment! I woke up to the feeling of incredible warmth entering my room only to check the weather app on my phone and realise its actually 32-33 degrees Celsius out here when I live! What the hell >.< I’m sick of the heat and ready for some balanced good weather that you can relax in and not immediately turn on the air-con!

Dad looked funny though, every Sunday morning he goes out and plays tennis with the local community and he’s already a tanned man but he got even more burnt today outside! The skin that wasn’t covered by his clothes or hat is all chocolate! xD We are apparently getting a southerly this afternoon so I’m hoping it comes soon though I’ll be in air-con all tonight with work. Hoping for cooler days but not too cold just yet! 😀

– Lu