雨滴: Miami {Promo}

Before Ame rescued the family heirloom from the Triads, a much younger Hayato was in Miami. This is the promo of her post college years.

The Italian Mafia. The Japanese Yakuza.
From Milan, Italy- Jacen Osvaldo. From Tokyo, Japan- Ame Hayato
He is strengthening the family business in the Land of the Free, she has an enemy target
Precautionary measures 
An unexpected meeting during a fight of blood lust and cunning tactics

In the City of Heat, Miami


雨滴: Lovers Dance

This was a favourite chapter to write during the Prague arc 😀

The orchestra soon began playing the instrumental version of one of the latest tracks on the radio as dessert and coffee were served, many couples pulled by the seductive music got up from their tables and took to the large dance floor. Ame was on her own, Elena Loredana had finally relieved the Yakuza of her questions and was happily chatting to a pair of women at another table.

Aleksander had been pulled aside by a couple of business men and politicians who were hoping to strike up a contract with the Volkov family. Swaying in her seat, Ame watched the couples dance, a wistful smile on her face, she knew the song all too well, the original was on her phone’s playlist. “We are dancing” she heard Aleksander’s voice whisper in her left ear, grinning wide she stood up in her seat taking his hand watching her Russian undo his cravat loosely his suit jacket already discarded on his chair.

Ame held her breath and bit her bottom lip, staring at Aleksander’s back as she was led to the floor of dancing couples. All eyes were on them but all Ame could do was stare up at her lover who spun her around on her heels and pulled her close. Their eyes remained locked as Aleksander led Ame around the floor, their noses touching and Ame breathing heavily at the intense stare Aleksander was giving her.

She was spun around again and this time dipped backwards, she let go of his shoulders and let her arm fall back only to grasp on the back of his hair as she was pulled back up and moved around in a circle again. Ame kept Aleksander close, a dreamy gaze fixed on her face, the other couples still dancing but most of them watching the lovers. The paparazzi edging closer while keeping an eye on the security guards as if expecting the pair to suddenly do something scandalous for the headlines.

Ame almost squealed as she was suddenly picked up and raised above Aleksander’s head, she was spun around in the air and she let out a giggle as she clung around his neck staring down at him only to be dropped gently on her feet and given a deep kiss as the song finished. The tempo of the orchestra changed again to normal waltz but Ame and Aleksander stayed in the centre of the dance floor, lips still locked. They broke apart but held each other tightly, Ame catching her breath and staring up at Aleksander in wonder “The Russian…can dance” Aleksander gave her his lopsided grin “If I have rhythm in killing and fucking you of course I can dance!” he led her off the dance floor and back to their table.

Elena Loredana quickly re-joined them sitting down next to Ame and fanning herself “Everyone was staring at you, even the other couples on the floor, you are synced wonderfully together for such a short time” Aleksander quirked an eyebrow towards Ame who laughed quietly before regarding Elena “Mrs Loredana thank you, we had a lot of practice” clearly suggesting a sexual innuendo in his answer made the Diplomat’s wife blush a light red and Ame’s quiet laugh turn into a louder one.

Leaving Aleksander and Elena to converse, Ame quietly excused herself to the bathroom to freshen up. She returned to the Spanish Hall only to see one of the suited gentlemen lift his mask and smile mysteriously at her. Ame froze on the spot immediately recognising him. The CIA had found her!

雨滴: Prague

Prague. The heart of the Czech Republic, known for its architecture, beer and traditional cafes and green scenery. It also had a killer night life or so Ame Hayato was informed by a fellow Yak who lived in the city for the past two years. Takumi had even name dropped the “best nightclub” on the streets, it apparently had her name written all over it. The Death club.

With otherworldly escorts of a mixture of nations attending to men and women’s needs (if they got paid), heavy metal and spinning electronica covered on the decks or main stage and a popular reputation of BDSM rooms in the private chambers above the main dance floor.

It also headlined the Prague newspapers with stories of a stabbing and even a bomb going off inside the club. Yet it still bounced back and thrived instead utilising all these negative impacts to flourish its infamous name to the public. It was a place that Ame while escaping her American spy was willing to sneak into and mix in with the crowd.

Standing on the second floor where the marble bathroom was situated, Ame was taking up residence in the Augustine hotel in their Tower suite, it had three floors and one of their most lavish rooms. Ame had checked in under a pseudo name merely calling herself- Sakura Darling.

Leaning over the vanity sink, Ame applied heavy silver eyeshadow to her lids and rouge lipstick on her pouty lips. Flicking her dyed light brown hair over her shoulder, she was already dressed in a Dior black suspender skirt with triple belts crossing over her waist it was connected to the black halter top that exposed her back revealing her intricate cherry blossom tattoo running along her back. Her family’s name and symbol visibly clear and tattooed on her left shoulder.

She was still without a collar and it only reminded the youngest Hayato of her Patron’s dismissal over text. To make herself feel better, Ame wore a Swarovski clear crystal necklace, it sparkled in the light. Grabbing her Chanel rubix cube bag off the counter as well as tucking in two butterfly throwing stars into her lingerie G-string, Ame skipped down the wooden stairs and slipped into her black lacquered Christian Louboutin heels.

Picking her Burberry black cape coat off the coat rack, Ame stepped out into the courtyard of the Augustine. She headed through the lobby area of the hotel and walked outside into the driveway, one of the porters already hailing down one of the hired cars for her. Guests checking into the 5-star property stared at the elusive Japanese woman who smiled coyly underneath her wavy locks of hair and quickly stepped into the black car before someone recognised her.

Giving her driver the address of the Death Club, he arched his eyebrows at her in the revision mirror “Miss Darling, you do realise which club this is?” Ame merely smiled sweetly “Yes I do, I’d still like to see it” nodding the hired car turned out of the Augustine’s driveway and crossed the bridge. The Death club was across the Vltava near the Prague Beer museum; it was hidden in its own alley way and unfortunately was a one-way street.

Pulling up behind the other cars parked in front of the venue, Ame’s driver looked over his shoulder “We are here Ms Darling, what time do you want to be picked up?” Ame threw him a bill and laughed as she adjusted her short skirt underneath her coat “No need for a return trip, I’ll find my own way home” the driver’s eyes widened again before Ame closed the passenger door shut and tapped the roof of the car telling him to leave.

雨滴: The Wolf

We get a teaser into the next chapter of Ame’s story that leads her into Prague as well as the introduction of a new character.
Aleksander Volkov

In the far north of Russia, the fireplace was roaring inside a large manor as an older man sat in front of a large rectangular table that was covered with maps, manila folders and arsenal. His weathered finger pointed to a singular picture of Ame taken from the cameras of JFK airport.

“Наши враги дочь была убита. Самый молодой Хаято переехал в Прагу, поблагодарить ее от нашей семьи” (Our enemies daughter has been killed. The youngest Hayato has moved to Prague, thank her from our family)

In front of him facing the fireplace with hair that matched the blaze, a man in his early thirties wearing a business shirt and black pants picked up the photo and eyed it carefully, his hazel eyes flickering in the dim light before folding the piece of paper and tucking it into his front pocket. “Дядя, а что если я могу завязать сделку с ней, вы позволите это?” (Uncle, what if I can strike up a deal with her, will you allow it?)

The old man chuckled softly regarding his nephew with an amused look and opened his arms with a nod “Да шарм Ame Хаято, я уверен, что она не может сопротивляться вам” (Yes charm Ame Hayato, I am sure she can’t resist you). The young man with flame hair gave his uncle a lopsided grin before loading up a duffle bag with various guns, he lifted it over his shoulder and bowed low before quietly leaving the office.