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As I said in my diary post, I been watching Z Nation and I’m totally fixed on the cinnamon roll known as 10k played by Nat Zang, he is a sharp shooter and random but he so damn adorable!


Fashion Tile: A Kawaii Epiphany

Kawaii Project and The Epiphany have started up again along with new events, I have a weakness for gacha as most of you know so enjoyed these rounds 😀

* *Epic* Striped Henley {Hot.Pink} top *NEW* from Main store
* *:..eyecandy..:* fadedlips – beetroot *NEW* from Dreams
* Doe: Layla (solid) – Browns *NEW* from The Seasons Story- Spring
* Garbaggio // Flower Peeptoe (Maitreya) *NEW* from Collabor88 April

* #EMPIRE – Sakura Harness – Maitreya *NEW* from The Kawaii Project
* REIGN. – Spring Things Necklace Exclusive (Silver) *NEW* from The Epiphany
* Foxes – Urban Fallout – Belt and Bombling *NEW* from The Epiphany
* Fawny – Wonderful pandas – Leg *NEW* from The Epiphany
* ALTAIR* neko keitai .pink. *NEW* from The Epiphany

Character Bio: Ja-ck

Presenting another bio of another character designed in May 2012 and was made for roleplay on the website but it never came to fruition.

Alias: Ja-ck, Soul Reaper No.7
Age: 29 years old
Race: Human
Gender: Female
Origin: Born in Neo-London, District 10 but moved to Tokyo-Yokohama, in the district of Minato-ku
Elemental: Shadow and Demonic fire.
Theme song:

Height: 5’5″
Hair: Waist-length black hair falling in wavy locks, never tamed
Eyes: Naturally brown, when invoking the demonic magic, burns crimson red
Unusual markings/colouration: A steampunk map tattooed on her back and down her left arm, said to lead to a place that can change the Earth’s ill fate
Skintone: Light olive.

Alignment: Lawful Neutral
Allies: The Sol Council, Organisation Chaos (The Soul Reapers) United Nations, The High Priestesses of Venus

Enemies: The Underworld and all its demons who desire to possess her because of her ability to tap into their dimension for her powers
Friends: Her Fellow Soul Reapers- Enelya and Takumi, Samurai Master Ryu-Zen, Black order soldier- Ayden Raleigh

Father: Hikaru, an enigma to Jacqueline, he was said to be legendary soul reaper since The Tartarus wars
Mother: Nadeshiko Kingsley, A member of the United Nations, the ambassador of Japan

Angoku dama

Her sword when duelling against other humans or weapon wielding demons, this katana was said to be her father’s second sword for he was a dual wielder.

Tarnished moon

Quick kill and deadly dagger, used when she is capturing demons for questioning just before she unleashes her second weapon- the fel orb

A fel orb

It hangs off her utility belt when she is travelling and used to capture or steal the soul shards off demons especially when doing detective work around the heavily populated cities.

My Dying Homeworld
In the 31st Century, humanity had seen its final war that set the fate of its planet to its end. World War III had used a new kind of energy that people in the past would have called magic or the supernatural to unleash hell upon each other. The entire population had dropped by at least two million and were left vulnerable, exposed of when the Underworld made itself known.

The human race finally ceased their wars with each other and united to confront the new demonic threat that had a clear shot in permanently eradicating the former masters of the Earth. That was until the Soul reapers were formed. An enigmatic and silent body of modern day warlocks who could harness the dark energies of the Underworld and use it against them.

With the aid of the other planets within the Solar System, the human race managed to lock the demons back into the Underworld, a high security point at every gateway. A new organistion was formed of all ten planets- The Sol Council and the Soul reapers fell back into the quiet company that was named Organisation Chaos.