Diary: Cloven in Two

My days off have been split in two this week but that is ok, it meant I had a recovery day after a concert and I get to participate in the early Mothers day dinner this Saturday night. My blog has also reached over 20,000 views! And I just noticed it tonight when I logged on, a bit slow in the uptake but yayy!

Thank you so much to all my viewers, readers for following my small corner of the blogging space. As you all know this is more than just a diary entry to give you details of my reality, more than fashion tiles of Second Life or IMVU shenanigans, it is also a creative outlet for me as a writer and a dear hobby.

It is something that I go back to even between the busy work days and somewhere I can escape, to vent out my thoughts or proudly show what I have created. I also now have 532 followers, hello and welcome! This sub heading you will see pop up in my posts every week, it is a recap of what is going on in my life that includes positive thoughts. With the negativity in the world, having moments of happiness even daily is a great thing to experience.

Got five likes that occured within the past two days;

  • Green Day last night with mum! They still as epic as ever and the fans are just as great
  • I bought 3 packs of Miso soup today from Daiso, perfect for cold days
  • Shadowhunters has released a new teaser trailer for 2b and it is exciting alll on all levels!
  • 4 months until I get to see my beloved in the flesh
  • My Hen Den is growing, had two of my friends join the group and meet the rest of the girlies

– Lu


Mood: Self Pride

I am not one for boasting about myself unless an amazing achievement has occured and I can crow about this particular moment even though it already happened two days ago at work. Every time guests check out we send a survey to their email for them to assess how did we go as an overall hotel during their stay. Here and there my name gets mentioned and I get my name posted in our back office whiteboard.

But this latest time I got a mention was directly from Simon McGrath’s office! Simon is the COO of Asia Pacific for Accor Hotels, he deals with all of Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific islands. One of my guests that I got to know since December last year wrote a personal email to his office saying how amazing I was, how I made her feel comfortable and the hotel was like a second home to her. To think this was given to our big boss, ohh yess I’m still giddy from it!

– Lu