LL LOTD: Black and White

Happy Easter dear readers! I have enough black and white outfits that I made on Polyvore to share with you all in one brand new post. Each set is in a different country but the theme is still very much casual chic. Made over time, presenting my monotone LOTD with a pinch of pink as usual.

Featuring three tiles made over time, I should try and get back into it on a regular basis;
Amore by lucilxlu featuring wood home decor
Amore: French theme once more and set in Paris for a romantic getaway with the boyfriend. This would be classified as a day time outfit because it is comfortable and casual.  It is still feminine and chic. When I was there last year, I absolutely loved the store Laduree that produces make-up, macarons and accessories. She also has make-up from YSL added in. the hot pink boots were a favourite add to the outfit. Though I do love the Gucci heart bag too.

Tourist on wheels by lucilxlu featuring Forever 21
Tourist on Wheels: I have a love for Korean pop music since I was in high school and I realised I did not express the fangirl within me in my alternate universe fashion. This is one outfit that is showing it, the top was discovered randomly on Polyvore by another Kpop fan and I had to use it for this day outfit around Rome. Location: Italy once again. This outfit is full of designer brands, the shorts are Gucci, the necklace is Chanel, the make up is Mecca or Louboutin. I love the rollerblades.

Nippon travel by lucilxlu featuring a flower perfume
Nippon Travel: My second latest outfit that I made this month. Back home in Japan and wearing the comfortable combat boots yet again. It is a contrast yet it is not to the skirt and bralet by Top shop. The book bag is by Dolce and Gabanna and expresses my love to read. The Sailor Moon socks and nail art reflect my fangirl heart for that manga/anime but I absolutely love the Anna Sui and Laduree make up brands. They are unique and cute and I only have one perfume bottle of Anna Sui in reality.