Second Life: Unedited

I have been in a fashion tile rut these past few days, not getting any inspiration to do a LOTD but still inspired to take lots of happy snaps and play with the windlighting and settings on my Firestorm. I decided to post four of them here to fill in the space that normally is taken up by an outfit post. Enjoy 😀

Taken in one of the skyboxes of my home sim Savoy, all of the detail surrounding me are all mine and I absolutely adore the grey kitten with the shopping list. Made by MishMish (I am so sad that she along with Vespertine, Dust Bunny and Tres Blah are not in the December round of The Arcade!)

I had a moment of going Alien princess wearing The Sugar Garden’s invader suit and holding Tentacio’s Doom girl machine gun, I just had to find a sim that gave off the sci-fi, apocalyptic feel. Found it in Graves store sim

I adore Poche’s main store, it is so small and quaint and decorated with food! I took this photo during the Epiphany round leading up to Halloween and the puppy that is accompanying me in searching for candy is made by Jian, and is the sesame pup companion complete with his own bucket to get treats. Though I don’t think chocolate is good for dog’s so it was more for me 😛

Standing in front of my blogging corner in my cottage along with a Skitty look-alike whinging at me on my shoulder, I think he wanted the ice-cream I was eating. Pose and prop made by Denny Ballyhoo.

With the December Arcade approaching quickly in-world, I normally have a wishlist made on my Second Life facebook, this round I don’t have one because the items I want are less than 10 😛 And I’m still sulking over the lack of hot pink showing up in my favourite designers items. It is still going pastel! At least the babygirl fad is dying down but still sticking to being girly. There has been a lot of talk on social media by other bloggers that everything is starting to look the same in-world and at the big events.

In some ways it has but other times it hasn’t, it just depends where you shop at and I still love to shop on the marketplace itself, if I didn’t I wouldn’t have found Hilly Haalan and her amazing shop.


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