Diary: Rest at Last

I made it! Counting down the five days of AM shift this week that finally led to clocking off at 3pm from work this afternoon and entering my five day weekend. Tonight was a great night with my bestie Lana, we just had dinner and dessert so stuffing our faces with our favourite food and talked about anything and everything, our usual thing when we go out. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and catch up on this weeks’ lack of rest.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • I got to work with Honey on AM shift, haven’t worked together in 3 weeks
  • My pink mermaid tail arrived this week so did my DokiDoki crate
  • Venus was out in the sky last night when I went for a drive
  • Kat and Dom who play Clary and Jace were Batgirl and Nightwing for Halloween! ❤
  • I started writing up short stories for Ame’s Miami arc, inspired by Polyvore outfits I made

The repetitive vice I have on Second Life is the hungry boys and girls that doesn’t matter your age whether well into your 40s or just entering adulthood you guys all horny and need to buy a collection of sex toys! Stop acting so desperate for a partner when really you just need a good boink!

– Lu


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