Diary: Active Sunday

My weekend started today but it has been non stop until I got home tonight at 11:30pm, I been awake since my alarm woke me up at 6am for an early start to do another jog/walk with my mum and friends this time near the beach and my cousin the Olympian participated with us 😀 It was 8km this time but it had hills and I admit it now I struggled and loathed those hills! Lunch was worth it though just up the road with views of the ocean and night time my parents and I got to watch X-factor live auditions! I saw Mel B, Guy Sebastian, Iggy Azalea and Adam Lambert, voice is a wee bit hoarse though.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • My lunch today consisted of a chicken schnitzel burger with vanilla milkshake, worth it after the walk!
  • Hot tub chill out at my cousin’s home to ease our sore muscles
  • X-factor live auditions, we were on the front row so possibly on television 😛
  • I got one more day off to recover from today
  • I got a third positive review from one of my guests at work!

So tired now but I am also working on the next chapter of my Yakuza Ame’s storyline, I know my bestie Mei cannot wait to read it. Please wait, it’s still work in progress! ><

– Lu


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