Second Life: Facets of Luci Lu

Normally after the gif or pic spam I am sharing with you my latest fashion tile, well I am a bit behind on that so instead will share the recent photos I have taken over this past week. They are different outfits and taken at various locations around the grid.

I am going with my feline roots in the above photo, taken at the Moon Festival 2016 featuring lots of cute and oriental items for visitors to purchase or to simply enjoy the full moon. My school girl outfit is new and made by Caboodle at Memento Mori, it is one of the rare school uniforms and brings me back to the Kageran Gakuen roleplaying days on IMVU.

Pose is made by Le Poppycock during the Bon Voyage: Japan event that occurred back in August and the theme was all related to the country of the Rising sun. The pose is called Yandere: Too late. The mouse that my kitten self is holding in my mouth is made by Half-Deer from new event SALEM and is called Mewnificent: White mouse mouthie and is one of her rare prizes.

Outfit is all from Memento Mori, the dress is called Ophelia and made by CandyDoll, my katana is again by Caboodle one of their rare prizes and the enchanting “Nobody mask” is by Aii. Photo was taken in one of the decorated corners of HolliPocket main store, I love her store purely because it is entirely pink and filled with cutesy decorations in between selling her clothes and accessories.

I decided to try out a Taketomi hairstyle called Me!Me!Me and bought this at their main store, I love the flower hair piece it somehow matched the :Moon Amore: Dark shreds dress from Memento Mori. The moon cake is by Koi, purchased at the Moon Festival and the adorable umbrella is from NS: Marketplace with huds to change the colour and two custom poses.

The location of this photo is at Shinba Akiba city next to their Anime cafe 😀 I used to hang out on this sim a lot during my first year on being on Second Life and it brings back a lot of nostalgia before I was an entirely mesh avatar

Last photo taken without any make-up on and in the rosy bubble that is my home sim, I am wearing a nightdress by Hilly Haalan, I discovered her store on the marketplace by accident when browsing the website after work. Absolutely adore all her mesh clothes and I recommend everyone to have a look.

I can also happily share because I couldn’t believe it has happened, my flickr has been changed back to safe! I can now join all my favourite designer and event groups that were restricted to safe photos only 😀 For those Second Life residents and fellow bloggers, please click: My gallery


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