Fashion Tile: Like A Cat =^.^=

Back to my usual cutesy feline roots inspired by the remix below by Areia creations, never heard of the girl band before but the song is catchy! 😀

* *HolliPocket* Fetish Netty (BABYPINK) *NEW* from Main store
* *Fishy Strawberry* Maddison Mini – Wash Aged *NEW* from Mesh Body Addicts
* =DeLa*= Hair “Danais” Dark Browns *NEW* from ~TRES CHIC Venue~
* #EMPIRE – Rose *NEW* from :: Kustom9 ::

* VileCult – Anime Whiskers Black HUD *NEW* from Cosmetic Fair– Gift
* Tamagosenbei bath tokens *NEW* from Main store {Thank you!}
* Sweet Thing. Lynx Straps – Passion from ROMP


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