Diary: Weekend Goals

Accomplishments and catch ups have been the highlight of the weekend that has just passed and I am quite pleased with myself and in a happy little bubble at the moment regardless of having my legs being sore from yesterday’s running festival in the city. I attended the Blackmore running festival with both my mum and her work friend who I’m friends with as well. Despite having 4.5hrs sleep, we got to the starting point on time and walked/jogged the 9km.

The reason why I went to bed so late was that I had a massive catch up with all my girl cousins in Windsor, one of the little shops there makes amazing home made burgers and it is so filling and delicious, we had drinks at the Fiddler in Rouse Hill afterwards and that is why my younger sister and I got home late.

This week’s 5 likes;

  • Finishing my 9pm walk yesterday under 90mins! Especially for a girl who did not train
  • Warcraft is out on DVD!
  • Dinner/dessert/drinks with my cousins, I love every night out we have together
  • Catching up with an old work friend on Facebook chat- I miss seeing you daily!
  • Only having 24 check outs this morning, nice and easy

I also decided that every now and then I will write up two vices to go with my likes in each diary post, Mary Sues– They have been a pet peeve during my Fanfiction days and I was heavily involved in my favourite fandoms but now they are popping up in roleplay. No! Go away. Serial daters, there is a small collection of them online whether male or female or female trying to be male and vice versa, you are infamous and your reputation will prevent you from being taken serious for love.

– Lu


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