Diary: Long Weekend/Queen’s Birthday

Our June long weekend here in Aussie land usually heralds the beginning of the ski season in our snowy alps where a lot of the families drive down to Thredbo or Perisher Blue to ski. My family and I used to do it when my sister and I were much younger and mum did not have any of her knee or thigh issues. We usually stayed in Thredbo valley and while I struggled to go down the mountain, both Ange and mum were pros! Mum even advanced to the second level and went higher up the mountain only to come tumbling down…

Now with us all older and mum’s health issues we do not go to the snow fields rather spend it together with either me working or going to check out our city’s colour festival named Vivid. This year they extended the length of time of having it open and a lot of people who have gone to see it have called it the best year yet. Usually I attend every year with my bestie Mei but we haven’t got around to it yet, however tomorrow after my AM shift parents would like to go into city again thanks to the long weekend, I invited Miss Mei 😀

– Lu


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