Diary: Stormy Weekend

It all started from three seperate systems brewing at various corner of my home state then colliding together by the beginning of this weekend and making one super storm that has been hitting Sydney hard. We got the torrential rain in my suburb and my feet got soaked while walking from the carpark to my hotel this morning. Other suburbs had unfortunately more damage like huge trees falling onto cars or main roads and our state emergency has warned everyone to stay away from the beaches because of the king tides that are hitting our beaches.

Needless to say it is crazy outside even right now at 10pm I can still hear the rain batter my roof. The weather bureau has forecast that our sun will return to dry the city by Tuesday, I hope this is true because I do not like going out and getting drenched while working the morning shifts thank you very much! I also feel very sorry for all our services, we have a couple of workers staying in our hotel for the next two nights some are pulling 17hr overnight shifts, poor ladies D:

– Lu


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