Story Time: The Neverending Fight

Part 2

Dun Baldar, Alterac Valley; Alterac Mountains

She watched the Shadow priest buff her and her warrior comrade, the two females both had eagerness to ride out to battle and she could hear the war drums in the distance being beaten. Andais Lu looked up at Yarion who stared off into the far distance, wondering what her demon was thinking about at this hour. The gates creaked as they were being lifted out of their lock, battle cries and cheers echoed throughout the eager Alliance. Andais closed her eyes and muttered whatever quick prayer for the safety of everyone before spreading her hands and casting a simple summoning spell. A demonic neigh sounded into her ears as she heard the other saddle up onto their horses, opening her eyes she found herself sitting upon her dread steed.

Next to her on either a mechanised bird or a Twilight drake, both Liorae and Mookie gave the warlock wide smiles “Let’s do this!” Mookie unsheathed her sword and lifted it into the air as the rest of the offensive squadron screamed out “For the Alliance!” and the entire group took off down the mountain hill and out into the cold air.

Andais Lu bit down on her bottom lip as she held onto the mane of her dread steed, fel fire blew back under its hooves and it charged forward, the destination for their squadron to hit Galvangar’s base of Iceblood Garrison and kill any of the Horde that stood in their way. Looking to her left she saw Yarion run next to her, his giant blue fists curled up. The demon was always used to battling, it was his contract and his service but she still didn’t like putting him up against a raid of Horde.

Galloping past the various bunkers and finally past Stonehearth Outpost where Captain Balinda Stonehearth stood. She was the first line of defense for the Alliance, behind her Andais heard a couple of her fellow soldiers shout “A couple of us will stay behind and help defend Balinda and our bunkers, they must not get through” already a small grouping turned left and headed towards the outpost. Andais continued charging forward, following Liorae and Mookie who was up ahead and now joined by a gnome on a ram. With a sparkling staff on her back and a water elemental running next to her, Andais realised it was a Frost mage. Encouraging her dread steed to run faster, it neighed again and rushed forward reaching the three ladies at the front “Ohh she finally caught up with us” Mookie grinned noticing the appearance of the warlock at her side.

Liorae giggled as she gestured towards the small gnome woman who stared up at Andais with curious blue eyes “Andais meet our closest friend and fellow fighter, Kuppy Von BunBun” the said mage giggled and gave a mischievous wink “Frost mage at your service Ms Andais” her voice light hearted and chirpy. Andais couldn’t help but grin back in return ignoring the other soldiers charge past them and head up the hill towards Iceblood garrison, they were close. In the far distance to the left she could make out more animals and creatures with horns, tusks and pointed ears. The Horde.

Up ahead, a Draenei paladin shouted “We don’t need many against the Orc captain, the rest of you should try and reach the General at Frostwolf and knock out their towers along the way”. Reaching the garrison, Mookie dismounted along with Liorae “Andais, you and Kuppy should try and grab their Iceblood graveyard so our spirit masters can have a plant in Horde territory” Kuppy reined in her ram and ran down the makeshift path “Come along Ms Andais, let’s clear the path for the squad”. Nodding and quickly following the gnome, Andais gestured Yarion to quickly follow.

Monitoring the graveyard, four Frostwolf soldiers kept watch, waving her hand that glowed purple Andais dismounted from her dread steed as it disappeared back into the Twisting Nether. Yarion charged forward past her and into the four soldiers, his fist uncurled and exposing his claws, behind him Kuppy’s water elemental blasted the four with ice freezing them temporarily. Waving her fingers in the familiar casting motion, Andais casted a special buff to help with her fel fire. Green demonic magic washed over her as Fire and Brimstone was charged up and she quickly released green fire into the four soldiers. Next to her, she heard shards of ice fly past her and smash into the soldiers.

Being clawed, bashed, incinerated and frozen from all sides, the Frostwolf soldiers howled as they attempted to get close to the two casters only to be blocked by their minions. Behind her Andais heard a loud boom and looked over her shoulder to see Iceblood garrison a burning inferno. The offensive squadron had defeated Galvangar and were coming out of the base. Hurrying forward past the fighting enemy who were busy trying to move away from Yarion, Andais tapped into the Graveyard and did a simple spell of conquer watching the flag change from Horde to Alliance.

Spinning around, Andais casted again and released more fire, Incinerate burning through the Tauren and Orcs just in time as she saw Mookie and Liorae run forward, a battle cry uttered from the fury warrior who buried her sword into the heart of the two soldiers, Kuppy and her elemental finishing off two of the Orcs and Liorae who was now in her Shadowform burned the mind of the last soldier. Breathing out relieved, Andais leaned against the graveyard post watching the rest of the offensive squadron gallop past them and head towards Frostwolf camp.

To be continued…


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