Story Time: The Neverending Fight

Part 1

Dun Baldar, Alterac Valley; Alterac Mountains

Andais Lu paced back and forth within the preparations cave of the Stormpike expedition, she wasn’t sure why she was back in her homeworld of Azeroth other than following the duties of being part of the Alliance. It had happened all too quickly, a main bulk of the garrison commanders on Draenor had been ordered to portal back home immediately. It was on a request from the trio of clans that ran Ironforge after they in turn had recieved help through express post of the Stormpike Expedition needing more military to Alterac Valley against the Frostwolf Clan. Now ever since she had started her training as a warlock when she was 17 years old, Andais had never understood the ceaseless faction war.

Even now as she stood inside the dim cave while protection spells and summons were being made by her fellow casters, arrows were counted and swords sharpened she did not understand the ultimate reason of why Alliance fought Horde. The mixture of races stood near the closed iron gates that led into the snow covered valley, there was fellow humans, night elves, worgen, gnomes, dwarves, pandaren and draenei.

The warlocks loyal demon, the void lord Yarion stood close to his mistress, he could sense the building tension emanating from all the species. Feeling rather overwhelmed with the amount of soldiers inside one small space, Andais Lu moved towards the gates and inhaled the crisp mountain air coming through the spaces in between ear iron bar. “You got conscripted into this madness too?” a feminine voice whispered softly near her. Nodding twice she turned her head to the blue face female with horns, a Draenei.

Robed in pale colours and a staff on her back, the Draenei’s blue eyes illuminated regarded Andais and offered her hand “I am Liorae” grasping her hand with a gloved one, Andais briefly smiled though it could not be seen behind her Plasma mechshades “Andais Lu”. Releasing her grip, the warlock gestured towards the glowing staff on Liorae’s back “I gather you are one of our healers, a priest?” Liorae’s lips slipped into a mischievous smile “Not just any priest, my speciality is in shadows”. Andais had heard of this type of priest, they preferred dealing damage as much as any other caster but could heal on the side if needed.

Andais returned another smile “Then we will be along the same lines for damage” Liorae clapped her hands together excitedly “You can join myself and Mookie then, though I think being a warrior they will want her in the main front lines while we stay at the back” “Are you talking about me again Lio?” an elegant but firm female voice echoed behind them. Looking over their shoulders, the two ladies saw a armour plated woman approach them carrying her helmet under one arm. Liorae beamed at the warrior and gestured her towards Andais “I have found another volunteer to join our small zerg group!” it dawned upon the warlock in that moment that these two were part of the offensive squadron and she had just hopped on the bandwagon without thinking about it.

To be continued…


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