Fashion Tile: Haru no Sakura

The title of this new LOTD basically translates from Japanese “Cherry blossoms in Spring” which is appropriate for the new round of Kawaii Project is said flowers 😀

* 1 Hundred. Lucky In Love Top 2. Fuschia *NEW* from Luck of the Irish gacha Fair
* ~D`Fae~ Floral Tushy Bow – White *NEW* from Main store
* +Spellbound+ Your Ghost // Chapter I : Earth *NEW* from Whore Couture 5
* N-core LUST “Pink” shoes *NEW* from :: Kustom 9::

* #EMPIRE – Heart Harness – Maitreya *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* ALTAIR* cherry blossom clip .pink. *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* ALTAIR* bell anklet -silver- *NEW* from We ❤ RP
* darkendStare. Sakura Tea Dragon [Perch] RARE *NEW* from Kawaii Project
* Ninety – Pot Garden Pink *NEW* from Kawaii Project


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