Mood: Musical

It is more so since I went on a slight shopping splurge at the Kitten D’amour shop on my previous day off I have been switching my playlist to more 50s-60s era. To be precise, the girl at the shop named Luna recommended me to a youtube music channel called Post modern jukebox, it is a large group of various artists and musicians who remix today’s music into vintage songs.

I already bought ‘Bye Bye Bye’ by N*SYNC and ‘Single Ladies’ by Beyonce because I found their remixes very catchy and easy to bop to or to just to have as background music when I’m multi-tasking. I also got into Daft Punk partially because of my other half and his random happy tunes though he is still very much a Muse fanboy and can’t wait to see them public again. And I just diverted this random topic from music to my partner…my bad.

– Lu


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