Diary: Adulting Sorta

I woke up early today to say goodbye to both my parents who are flying out to the Philippines this morning and will be on a mini holiday for two weeks. They will be absent during the Easter break and dad will have plenty of time to catch up with his mum, my grandma who has moved there since 2 years ago. With the adults away it’s just my sister and I home plus the responsibilities of keeping this a functioning household.

It also means I have the duties of being Mumma cat to our beloved Skitty who will be having a lot of alone time with both of us girls still going to work- I’m doing a majority of PM shifts so I can spend time with him in the morning. Though it is all rather exciting to have a break from the parents and to have peace and quiet, it also means I have to mature or ‘adult’ sort of with being home alone. Shouldn’t be hard anyway, parents have been going on mini trips or holidays without us for a while now 😀

– Lu


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