Neko Irritation: Rated Adult

I have a lot of adult clubs saved under favourites, landmarks or in my teleport history on Second Life, I have perhaps done the dirty in each of them under five times but they are mostly my place for socialising if sick of being parked in my cottage for a couple of hours. But I do not go there looking for pixel sex and that what annoys me when people say “Oh its rated Adult, you have to fuck in it?” Um no you bloody do not!

Just because a club has the furniture to do the deed does not mean you absolutely have to, for me when I see a sim online that is rated A it means to keep the roleplaying kids out and have grown ups engage in decent adult conversation. Yes go ahead be a pervert, flirt and be dirty but does not mean to actually jump a dick every time you go to these clubs.

There is a lot I’m sure who think it, it’s just the ladies who are seeking to hump many are more vocal about it in the groups, you are making the rest of us look thirsty! Stop!

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