Story Time: A Pandaren Break

Part 5

Paw’don Village, The Jade Forest- Pandaria.

Now back into wearing her felweave attire, plasma mechshades, demon belt of Argus and her Crystalfire spellstaff strapped to her back, Andais was ready to return to Draenor. The three week mini holiday had come to a close. Steadying her jade serpent who stared at the portal unsure, it had never left the sanctuary of the Arbortoreum growing up from a hatchling let alone leaving the island continent all together. Rubbing the top of Fang-Jie’s head affectionately, Andais leaned forward “You won’t feel anything when dimension hopping trust me”.

Leaning back into her saddle, Andais gestured Mero forward “You go first Mero, you know the way home” roaring softly, her flying sabre submitted and walked into the portal disappearing in a sparkle of blue arcane magic. Fang-Jie whimpered out seeing the magic sparks and shrank back, sliding off the serpent’s back, Andais stood in front of him and guided him forward with his reins “We’ll do this slowly Fang-Jie, just look into my eyes and walk forward.

Walking past the monk trainer Matthew Owens who was also channelling the portal to Stormwind, Andais Lu disappeared into the blue magic, still holding onto her new mount’s reins, Fang-Jie stumbled forward and his long jade body soon entered the portal too. Seeing his mistress up ahead, Fang-Jie moved closer almost knocking Andais Lu over, laughing out loud the warlock patted the side of the serpent’s face and continued walking forward.

The afternoon sun blazed onto both rider and companion as they entered the side garden of Stormwind City, large turtles walked about and a large air balloon hovered above them. Channelling the portal, Ang the Wise greeted warmly “Welcome home Andais! I see you brought back one of our legendary serpents” Andais turned around and smiled as she observed Fang-Jie take in his new surroundings squirming in his reins like a curious child. Hovering nearby, Mero paced the air flapping his wings impatiently, he too was eager to return to the alien world and see the other felines back in their garrison.

Pulling out her hearthstone and mentally slapping herself for not using it while the three of them were still in Pandaria, Andais pulled her two mounts together “I should have used this before rather than take the portal back here to Stormwind” holding the stone in her gloved hands, Andais closed her eyes and thought of Draenor. Her hands glowed green as the symbol on the grey stone flashed briefly and the trio vanished inside an arcane circle and out of the park.

“By the Light! Andaissss!” “Is that a dragon?!” “Ooo flashy tabard Commander!!” cries of joy, exclaimations and loud meowing sounded through the warlock’s ears, wincing slightly as she opened her eyes and pushed her mechshades on top of her head. Surrounding her, Mero and a bewildered Fang-Jie was the Draenei shadow priest Tuulani, the human Frost mage Serena, human Subtlety rogue Shelly Hamby and her two battle cats Skitty, a Cinder kitten and ZenZen, an Arcane feline. Andais Lu laughed as she swept up all three ladies into a hug “Glad to see the garrison is not in rubble my friends” Mero bounded forward as he was pounced by the two kittens roaring happily.

Fang-Jie unfortunately stared in surprise at his new surroundings, though this new place had the familiarity of Stormwind City it was evening and the air definitely did not feel like Azeroth. His eyes widened as he curled his long tail unsure only to see a Pandaren approach him with calming hands. While hugging her three comraders and followers, Andais saw Fen Tao approach her jade serpent and quickly released her hold “Oh Fang-Jie I’m so sorry!” she hugged the serpent sympathetically. The Pandaren Monk bowed to Andais “You brought a serpent from my homeland Commander, I offer my assistance in helping the jade dragon in handling the new surroundings that is Draenor”.

Andais Lu smiled thankfully “Thank you so much Fen Tao” bowing back, she handed him one of the reins, looking up into her serpents eyes, she rubbed down his muzzle “You recognise Fen, don’t you Fang-Jie. He too is from Pandaria, he has offered to help you settle in” swishing his tail once, Fang-Jie addressed his mistress before looking at the Pandaren holding one of his reins. A rumble echoed in the serpent’s throat as he glided forward and sniffed around Fen Tao. His stiff demeanor instantly relaxing as he recognised the air around the Pandaren and dropped his back claws to the ground. Sighing out relieved, Andais smiled widely as the rest of the garrison ran towards them. They were home.

The End…or so you think

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