Story Time: A Pandaren Break

Part 4

The Arboretum, The Jade Forest- Pandaria.

Andais Lu had been at the residence of the Order of the Cloud serpent for the past three weeks now having decided to train herself one of the serpents that flew around the skies of Pandaria. Though her sabre Mero was often intimidated by the growing jade dragon that was his mistress’ racing companion in the skies, Andais was confident that her two flying companions would be used to each other once she passed the final racing test.

Throwing a piece of turtle meat to her dragon, it gobbled down the treat and hovered down towards her, it knew now to not nudge Andais too much for being so big it had a tendency to knock the warlock onto her backside. Affectionately patting the top of the jade serpent’s head, Andais beamed happily “Elder Anli said I could give you a name, what do you think of Shang Fang-Jie, it means Never-ending hunger in their language” laughing in a teasing tone she gave the serpent another piece of turtle meat who quickly chomped it down “And you my beloved pet seem to have a bottomless pit of a stomach”.

Letting go of Fang-Jie, Andais turned around and entered the small wooden shelter that housed the eggs and tiny tamed serpents. Approaching Elder Anli, she bowed low towards her instructor and one of the order’s masters “What do you wish for me today Elder?” the elderly Pandaren turned around and laughed softly, bopping the top of Andais’ silk hat “Even after three weeks in being my company you are still so formal Andais Lu, come now you know our Order are all family including our reptile companions”. Andais blushed a faint pink and nodded “It’s my upbringing Anli, to acknowledge your elders with the correct term”.

The Pandaren patted her back “Why don’t you ask Jenova on your extra-curricular activities you’ve done all your training from me today”. As always after her usual racing or missions from Elder Anli, Andais recieved more casual activities such as tending to the injured hatchlings on Windward Isle or fishing for sugar minnow, like Fang-Jie needed more food to consume. The warlock sometimes wondered with the serpent’s growth spurt, would he soon become wider than longer because of the amount of food she fed him daily.


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