Story Time: A Pandaren Break

Part 3

Dawn’s Blossom, The Jade Forest- Pandaria.

Landing in the cobbled streets of the mountain village, the winged guardian Mero carried his mistress to the Drunken Hozen, an inn that was the main hub of accommodation and food in Andais Lu’s favourite village. Sliding off Mero’s back, Andais led him to Hong the Kindly, the resident stable master. The Pandaren smiled widely bowing to the warlock “Miss Andais, welcome back to Dawn’s Blossom” Andais grinned handing over her sabre “Hello again Hong, can you please tend to Mero he’s had a short flight from Paw’don Village” the stable master nodded patting Mero who growled softly towards him “Certainly Miss Andais, he’ll be rested in no time”.

Giving Hong a couple of gold pieces, Andais turned around and trotted up the stairs and into the inn, walking past the tipsy or drunk Pandaren on the ground floor she walked up the stairs and approached the innkeeper Lin Windfur. The female Pandaren was busy nose buried in counting her revenue for the day. Beaming towards her Andais politely cleared her throat, looking up Lin yelped with joy and pulled the warlock into a literal bear hug “Andais Lu! Good to see you my child!”

Andais laughed as she winced slightly “Tight…hug…Lin…” the Pandaren reluctantly released her back onto her feet but continued to hold her hands “Where have you been my fel sorceress, we have missed you here at the Drunken Hozen!” Andais bowed in apology “Ohh the same old, aiding the Alliance in their endeavours, the Dark Portal opened again but led to an altered time line, I ended up having my own garrison in that alien world and therefore ranked up to Commander”. Lin released one of her paws and fanned her face “Always fighting against the Horde, you know violence is never the answer, I thought your High King would understand that by now”.

The warlock giggled and nudged Lin playfully “Don’t say that too loud Lin, both factions presence are still here in Pandaria despite being diluted” the Pandaren female shrugged her shoulders in her red dress “I would voice it to King Varian himself if he was still here! Now let me have a look at you” distancing herself from Andais, Lin inspected the warlock “Your entire attire reeks of fel magic, if you are staying here for a while you MUST change!” Andais blanched out in shock “But Lin, I only brought a singular dress” Lin waved her off towards the stairs “Then go to Singegruff in courtyard you remember he’s our local merchant for clothes”.

Admitting defeat once more, Andais Lu nodded and walked back downstairs and out of the inn, turning to the right she trotted down into the courtyard towards the white armoured Pandaren who held a small hammer. Carrying a small sack of gold she bowed towards Singegruff “By order of Lin Windfur I’m told to change my outfit” the armour merchant regarded her amusedly and laughed “When Ms Windfur demands, we must comply”. He turned around and rummaged through his boxes underneath the red wooden shelter.

Later on back inside the Drunken Hozen, Andais Lu stared at her appearance, gone were the felweave raiment and amice, her cloak was removed from her back and even her mechshades could not be kept on her face. Here in the peaceful surroundings that was Pandaria, the warlock was wearing something that she could blend in with the locals. The Faded forest silk cowl and gloves easily matched the dress she had brought from her garrison and with her brunette hair tied into a bun and tucked under the hat, she felt incredibly naked without her heavily enchanted trinkets.

Standing behind her, Lin clapped her paws together in approval “Now you are ready for your adventures here!”


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