Story Time: A Pandaren Break

Part 2

Paw’don Village, The Jade Forest- Pandaria.

Adjusting her mechshades with one of her gloved hands, another hand holding onto the mane of her flying steed Mero Andais stepped out into the overcast daylight that was Paw’don village. Last time she was here she was arriving on the Skyfire ship in search for King Varian’s son Prince Anduin, now it was far quieter and despite the dim presence of both Alliance and Horde the Pandaren were relaxing to their returned peace.

Catching sight of Mayor Sunke Khang, she clasped her hands together and bowed low, he nodded to her recognising the warlock briefly before returning to his conversation to both Teng Applebloom, the village’s brewer and Taran Zhu, Lord of the Shado-pan. Rell Nightwind, a night elf and part of the SI:7 corps looked surprised seeing her “Andais Lu? What are you doing back in Pandaria? Did the High King send you?”

Andais laughed softly and shook her head as Mero grumbled gently beside her, patting his head she explained to the agent “My garrison saw fit that I return to Pandaria for a vacation…I’m apparently working too hard on Draenor” Rell laughed and nodded “It is good that the conflict has subsided here, the Pandaren are very grateful we have moved our clash with the Horde elsewhere” Andais sighed out loud shaking her head, even in this new year she still didn’t understand why both factions had to always be at war.

Smiling towards the brewer, the warlock flipped two gold pieces and a couple of silver to him “Teng can I please have a Panderan plum wine?” Teng smiled at her “Always preferring something sweet Miss Warlock, some things haven’t changed I see” Andais giggled as she was given a round bottle full of violet liquid “Aye it hasn’t” bowing to the gathering once more, Andais pulled out her map from one of Mero’s side satchels and browsed it briefly.

“Dawn’s Blossom, that was a favourite point of ours in the Jade Forest Mero, let’s go there” the sabre roared in agreement and stretched out his large feathery wings as his mistress placed the map back into the bag and climbed onto his back. Breaking into a run, the winged guardian leaped up into the air and took off into the cloudy sky heading north to one of the villages.


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