Fashion Tile: Kitty Galore

Love all the bootchis in the world, on Valentines Day in the pixel universe I spent it either with my many felines or killing off people in World of Warcraft

* Go*DiVa – CHeNoa Dress (Pink) *NEW* from anyBODY
* Sweet Thing. Mimi Straps – Mono *NEW* from Objets D’amour
* Anachron – Flower Power Shorts – S – Hazy *NEW* from Flower Power
* N-core NIKA “Pink” for High Feet *NEW* from C88 February

* {N} Tongue w/Pencil [open mouth]: Pink *NEW* from Hanau
* {Aii} + Lunar Moth Pet Hip + Leg from Main store
* Zyn ~ Crystal amulet – Dark Amethyst *NEW* from Fantasy Gacha Carnival
* Amala – Spy Headset – *NEW* from C88 February

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