Story Time: A Pandaren Break

Part 1

Lunarfall; Andais Lu’s Garrison- Draenor.

Being pushed eagerly towards the portal inside her mage tower, Andais Lu protested as the familiar image of Stormwind city loomed within the blue arcane globe “Who will look after Skitty and ZenZen? I’m sure the King needs me to report to Ashran against the Horde!” exchanging amused glances and laughing, her two friends and comrades Tuulani the Draenei Shadow priest and Serena the human Frost mage continued to push their Commander to Azeroth.

“WE will look after the kitties and I’m sure King Varian will understand that sometimes Garrison commanders need a break from working too hard” Serena patted Andais’ Felweave amice. Pushing her mechshades on top of her head, Andais pleaded with the mage “I do not need a break Serena, my work is neverending here on Draenor” Tuulani laughed merrily and gestured Mero, the warlock’s flying mount to come into the tower.

The flying arcane sabre bounded forward and nudged his mistress in the back, Andais blanched out towards her cat “Not you too Mero, you’re eager for us to go to Pandaria?” Mero purred and bumped her again in answer. Andais slumped forward in defeat and nodded, her palm resting on Mero’s head “Very well, my flying companion insists so I’ll go” she was swept up into a hug by the two females who released her as she stepped backwards into the portal “It will all be the same when you return!” Serena called out as Andais Lu and Mero were enveloped by the dimensional magic.

Putting her mechshades back on her head, Andais stepped through the portal and into the upper room of the Stormwind mage tower hearing a rumble behind her she realised Mero was standing next to her. Managing the portal coming out of Draenor, High Sorcerer Andromath along with his small following of mage trainers nodded towards her as she walked past with her sabre. Walking down the spiral tower, Andais passed Sparkbight who watched over the portal to Hellfire Peninsula until they reached outside.

Blinking behind her mechshades, Andais Lu heard the distant tolling of Cathedral square as early morning basked her home city in its early rays. Hopping onto Mero’s back, the warlock guided her mount towards the garden beside Stormwind Keep. Last time she was behind the mist she was aiding the Alliance against the Horde as well as searching for the missing Prince Anduin. The conflict had ceased of course and both factions returned to Azeroth only leaving a regiment behind of their soldiers.

The night elves of Darnassus being long time friends with the Pandaren and constantly keeping watch so that the peace is no longer disrupted. Landing by the Pandarens, Andais hopped off Mero and walked towards the portal being channelled by Ang the Wise bending down briefly to pat the sleeping Meng Meng. Noticing the warlock approach him, Ang smiled broadly “Returning to Pandaria Andais?” she nodded sighing “On orders from my garrison followers…apparently I need a break” Ang roared with laughter “I hope my humble home gives you that since last time”.

Looking down at Mero who nudged her encouragingly, Andais smiled briefly “I hope so too Ang” before stepping into the arcane portal bringing Mero along with her.


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