LL Note: Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!

** Celebrate the green and gold of our country! **

Though I am working for our public day, I know the rest of the country will celebrating in the best way we know we can! Out in the sun, with family or friends, watching the races on the water in Sydney city, chilling by the beach, getting drunk. But if you are asking what is the whole big deal about our holiday on this particular day. Well to put it simply, it is when the First fleet arrived in Port Jackson in 1788 arriving from our mother land England.

The ships took months to come here across the unforgiving oceans carrying our Commonwealth’s convicts so you could say our big dry continent became the new prison for all the inmates who were arriving. Thus Australia is the foundations of a colony and prospered from there. Now it is about partying and granting citizenship to those who passed the tests 😛 Soo from one Aussie to the rest of you who has the day off (lucky bastards).

Happy Australia Day! ❤

– Lu

Ohh and this message from Deadpool had me cracking up, love his Aussie accent 😛


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