Mood: Proud Fangirl

I don’t care what some of the fandom is saying when Shadowhunters was premiered on Freeform in the U.S today, the usual whining of it’s not like the books or they changed it so much! To me the slight changes were for the better and made it more engaging for book fans and the new fans alike.

They need to boost up the ratings to keep the series going but after watching Episode 1 and 2, huge thanks to one of my American girl friends in showing me the links so I can watch. I personally think that this new cast has done the characters justice at first they seemed edgy but by Episode 2 they were very settled into their roles and comfortable with each other. Alberto as Simon and Alan as Valentine were my key favourites in their portrayals and the soundtracks…ohh I love the music!

Now I have to wait two weeks for Episode 3 to premiere and hoping that the rest of the television viewers will like this season so much we can work on having a Season 2?! Pleaseeeee!

– Lu


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