Diary: I saw The Force Awakens!

Well ok not today after work but I saw it in gold class (the nicer, spacier version of cinema) yesterday on my last day off! I decided to treat myself to luxury because Star Wars is one of those rare classics that is worth it to spend the extra money! All I can say is that despite the morons that spoiled it for those of us who had not seen it yet, I still cried, I still squealed with joy, I still laughed my head off.

What JJ Abrams did with this story is breathe life into it while still keeping with the elements that makes Star Wars, Star Wars. I love the fact we have such a strong female lead in no.7, in the prequels we’ve always followed the male protoganist and the female lead though she was higher up (Princess of Alderaan or Queen of Naboo) in politics they didn’t come off as ‘strong’.

Rey is exactly that, she is fiercely independant, does not need a romantic interest and can pack a punch. But at the time in her character there is vulnerability and compassion, I’m anticipating what they will do with the next two films (if we get that far).

– Lu



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