Story Time: Back to Work

Lunarfall; Andais Lu’s Garrison- Draenor.

Andais Lu’s garrison’s New years eve revelries had been abruptly cut short when she was informed by Sergeant Crowler of another Shadowmoon invasion, it had been their second fight as a whole since she had settled in Shadowmoon Valley and watched the area she call home being built up around her. They had managed to send the voids back to the abyss, heal the injured soldiers and keep the buildings from being blown up.

The warlock obviously had demonic assistance from her void lord Yarion who was her shield from majority of the dark arcane attacks. The revelries resumed after an all clear was sounded throughout the garrison but Andais could not party herself, too much was in her mind especially related to the invasion and all her assaults she had been doing on enemy ground.

Yes it was all for the Alliance and keeping Azeroth safe but what about the safety of those she commanded? On the dawn of the new year, Andais had woken up and trudged out of her quarters only grabbing her plasma mechshades. Climbing up to the tallest point of town hall, she threw open a window and placed her mechshades over her eyes.

Adjusting them to long range, Andais scanned where she had been at two nights ago- the Pillars of Fate. It is because she had raided and killed a majority of the casters and grunts that they invaded her garrison. Andais had often been in contact with Vindicator Yrel who was at Lion’s Watch in Tanaan Jungle about the necessary details requested from King Varian himself. Sometimes the warlock wondered was it more so glory than the protection of others.

Feeling the presence of someone nearby but not seeing them, Andais Lu yawned “Shelly why you hiding?” the human rogue appeared out of the morning shadows, her face flushed in embarassed “I’m sorry Commander but it was Tuulani who noticed your absence from your quarters” Andais blanched out in surprise “The Draenei is keeping check on me?” perhaps Yrel was requesting the priest to keep tabs on her well being. Standing up from sitting on the window sill, Andais spread her arms wide “Well I am here scoping out the last assault so please tell the Soulbinder I am well” Shelly raised an eyebrow “You were not in the celebrating crowds last night Commander”.

Andais attempted to make a comeback but sunk back and said nothing. Now realising something was definitely wrong Shelly approached her leader “What is it?” curling her legs together Andais pressed her lips together “I am worried Shelly, about the safety of our garrison. I know and believe you are all amazing warriors and will fight for the Alliance but how much longer must we keep fighting? It has become less thinning out the Iron Horde and more so protecting those of us who are from Azeroth”. Sitting opposite Andais, Shelly nodded slowly “I do miss home too Commander, perhaps you should take the portal back home via Ashran?”

Of course there was always the exit back home, Archmage Khadgar ensured that there was always a portal home for the weary soldiers to travel back and forth between the two worlds. But despite going back home to the semi security that was Azeroth, each soldier dutifully returned to Draenor and continued the fight against the Iron Horde. Andais shook her head shaking herself from the daydream of Elwynn forest “No it is back to work for us all and this new year”.



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