Diary: Year in Review

I did one at the end of last year to reflect and revel in the past 365 days and today in the final hours of 2015 I will do the same for this year. I can happily say that some of my former New year resolutions has been achieved and can note them down below.

  • I traveled for 1.5 months to the east coast of the United States with my parents, it was from September 17th and arrived back in Sydney on the 24th October- it was so amazing and I enjoyed every second of it though I still have favourite destinations such as Orlando/Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Disneyland and Niagara Falls
  • I finally got to meet my bestie in New York state- Katie! After 8 damn years we finally got to cement our friendship into real life
  • My front office team though I am still a guest service agent has become much stronger, I found a ‘younger sister’ in my new colleague Lyca/Honey. I enjoy going to work every day
  • Though friendships in reality remained the same, it fluctuated so much on Second Life and then re-connected with old/former friends in the later half of the year.
  • My younger sister and mum’s older sister and step-mum participated in the annual City to Surf; I am hoping to do it next year
  • Gaming again through Minecraft, Tera and more recently World of Warcraft
  • I flew to New Zealand business class but to say goodbye to my grandad (mum’s dad)

It wasn’t too bad a year with hardly any sadness and mostly joy hoping for a good 2016 too 😀

– Lu


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