LL Note: New Year Resolutions

** Let’s see if I can do a list for 2016 **

Yes I am three days ahead of New Years Eve but considering I am working on both NYE and New Years Day I figured I might as well try and do my resolutions for next year. I tried to find the ones I wrote for this year but realised I only did the year in review. So I’m going to try and write up resolutions for 2016 and keep a mark by the end of next year to see if I accomplished all of them.

  • Travel more- I did it this year was quite happy on that and wish to continue for next year
  • Continue to drop weight and achieve a healthier lifestyle; I am a night owl there is no doubt on that but perhaps making my late nights not so late would help me in the long run
  • Save up more money for bigger goals- deposits on stuff?
  • Move up in status at my hotel if not move within the chain
  • Love is in the books but not a priority

In-world related well that will still be a hobby and something I love doing as much as my gaming, the next expansion of World of Warcraft comes out next year so that will be exciting and who knows what a new year in Second Life will do for me. All until then 😀

– Lu


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