Story Time: A Warlock and her Minions

Part 3

Lunarfall; Andais Lu’s Garrison- Draenor.

Sighing out in defeat, Dalrissa nodded briefly “We are not in the same regiments once we return to the Twisting Nether, we follow different captains once part of the Burning legion again you do know this?” Andais nodded her lips forming a firm line as she began thinking of a plan to keep her demons under her order. Dalrissa paused then laughed again “Could always ask the Observer I am sure he would be thrilled” her voice returning to it’s usual sarcasm. Andais Lu was now the one to blink “Hrogrik? That four eyed octopus is more stubborn than you!” Dalrissa laughed even harder and wagged one of her hands at the warlock “Better not call it that to its face”.

Andais glared at the Shivarra, her hand glowing as she answered back “Just find out a solution to aid me if Hrogrik cannot assist me” and before Dalrissa could reply was immediately dismissed. Sighing out and cracking her knuckles she summoned her last superior minion, the Observer. It was mostly silent than the rest of her demons but had a stubborn itch that the warlock was trying to overcome, she just hoped it would help her with her ‘imp issues’.

The light blue, tentacled demon appeared within the summoning circle “I serve your will..” Andais stepped forward clasping her hands together “Hrogrik I need your help in controlling Zeppik’s rebellious attitude” blinking twice with its four eyes the Observer hovered forward “You are aware that I am quite stubborn myself and you have been trying to curb it” it’s voice echoed and grumbled. The warlock nodded “How do I control a cheeky imp?” The observer cracked what could be a smile “Perhaps mistress it is the fact that we all find a sense of freedom from being mere pawns of the Burning Legion. That through our contracts as your minions we can taste this world beyond the Twisting Nether. Maybe do not curb the imp’s rebellious streak but allow it to help become a better servant?”.

Andais sat back down taking this in, she had never thought she would hear such wisdom from the tentacled demon, it was normally Yarion who could give wisdom. Smiling with a sense of content, she stood up and nodded “That is a good idea Hrogrik, thank you” the Observer blinked surprised before bowing its large head “Your welcome mistress”. Andais grabbed her mechshades and started heading towards the main door “Time to clean out more Iron Horde Hrogrik” the blue demon bobbed and followed her out of Town hall.

The End…or so you think


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