LL Note: Merri Kurimasu

** Happy Holidays and enjoy the festivities everyone! **

2:35am and I am at home after an early finish to the Filipino side of my family, we always open present at midnight and it’s what the Spanish call a Noche buena. Normally in our previous years we finish at 3-4am but with little ones now in the mix and the head of the Moscoso clan now back home in Philippines we all decided to take it easy this year.

But for my household it has just begun and I am really excited that I have Christmas Day off, I haven’t had it off in 3 years and finally get the chance to spend it with mum’s Kiwi family. We are holding the Christmas dinner tomorrow night and I will be helping mum prepare before the relatives showing up. I was also warned while at the party tonight that my younger sister will be waking me up at 9am to open presents between the four of us.

Soo The Nutcracker is on my television, I’m about to wear Peter Alexander’s Christmas nightshirt and hit the bed soon but this is just a greeting for all my followers and friends alike.

Season’s Greetings from Down Under!

– Lu


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